Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and the Jews of Hollywood ( Part 4 CONCLUSION )

As the article noted..the Motion Picture Industry was a closed  shop based on ethnocentricity. However, Disney perservered and became a successful creative genius, ie movies, TV shows, theme parks etc. the classic outsider 
Regardless, it seemed Disney would not be left alone…but had a large target on his back.
Is this issue simply about maintaining a monopoly , or perhaps something deeper.
I grew up watching a lot of Walt Disney…..there was a TV show Sunday Nights….saw several movies…..all the cartoons…..been to Disneyland once. It was quite clear the Disney market was a pretty squeaky clean image.
However, in the 1960’s movies began to transition into ” R ” rated…nudity, graphic violence, swearing…etc etc..and this made Disney stand out even more. Times were changing, but Disney provided that OTHER option.
It simply wouldn’t fit the Disney image to make any movie that was in contrast to the image…at least while he was alive. That’s always a major issue, to pass the legacy on and hope and pray it is not pissed away by the successors.
I recall when Disney studios created an offshoot “Touchstone Pictures”….sort of like an arms reach affiliate, that would make movies that the Disney name would never attach itself to. Is the simply going with the flow, keeping up wit the competition?
Well, after reading the article of the battles Edison and Disney had…it is quite clear a far bigger agenda is in play, and this concerns many of us who are seeing the bigger picture. Rather than leave Disney alone… appears that Disney status quo would not be tolerated. In fact, with all the players involved, this was simply a well co-ordinated attack to place Disney under the control of an ethnocentric group.  Once he passed away, the wolves attacked .
Again duly note the “Jaws of the Vise”…..attack on (2) fronts. You have the ultra Rich right wing faction who own the studios, and the Liberal- Marxist left wing types   writing directing and acting , hence BOTH sides involved in the same product. Are you starting to get how we are played like fools ? Everything is relative and subjective there are fewer and fewer standards. One side makes the shit..the other side funds and profits from it. It is getting to the point that bestiality and pedophilia etc. can be expected on TV soon.
If one reviews the Protocols of the Elders of Zion….of of the numerous plans for control listed in this 100+ year old document is through the media. the aim is to literally pollute the mind of the masses with sick decadent perversions, no hold gets ratcheted up as time progresses. For this to succeed, all options or opposition must be removed and or controlled. This then numbs and dumbs down the public mind to accept the product that is presented, and even worse, give them a perverted and/or censored version of reality..the ever deadly “propaganda”. Other than a few shows, I really can’t be bothered to turn on the TV.. resistance is not futile for me. If one wants to do a bit more research Google Berlin after WW1….it was the Sin City of Europe not because of the locals, but as a post War strategy to degrade the citizens , and via the same ethnocentric group. More recently, it was reported that when US invaded middle east countries,like Iraq,  with Muslim citizens…they played  Porn movies in the local theatres.
The key is to understand what is going on…nothing happens that is not part of a greater agenda to ultimately weaken and control us. Look what they did to Disney and why.
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