City of Richmond ” Green Can ” program

City of Richmond  ” Green Can “

My spouse asked me a question the other day…

Apparently,….the City of Richmond sent out some brochure re: the Green Waste Program.

Apparently…..our generous city is offering  not only free green waste containers, but quite a selection ! (ie 5 different sizes)

So, my spouse asks what size container do we want ? Then I had to think for a moment. We are allowed (2) garbage cans of waste per week. We barely fill one garbage can. Of that, I doubt our green waste total per week is no more than an ice cream 4 liters…ie irrelevant.

(Previously, the City had provided stickers you could attach to your own containers to identify them as green waste)

My daily travels allow me to view garbage pick – up days. Other than perhaps summer months and bags of lawn clippings, people that actually put out a small can of green waste are few and far between. Maybe one out of 20 ?

However, the City is now offering a choice of (5) containers for each household.  This is absolutely ridiculous. Who mandated this, and on what basis…ie any studies ? These cans are obviously not free…and likely cost us   hundreds of thousands of our TAX dollars. That would lead down another rabbit hole… and possible “conflict of interest” connections to the manufacturer of these imposed green waste containers ?

However, extrapolating further…and as I submitted before, I think this green waste container is simply a “foot -in -the- door” approach whereby the City will take over Garbage Pick Up….which is currently a service provided by the private sector. 

The next step would be to impose those new style garbage cans on each household, and then take over the service, and again centralize this service within City Hall and build up more costly bureaucracy.

Again another example of a City Hall out of control and into more Empire Building.

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