The sensitive topic of ” Immigration ” (Part 1)

The sensitive topic of ” Immigration ”  (Part 1)

Immigration has been,  and always will be,   a sensitive topic.

Like many things, many of us have been Pavlovian programmed to have a kneejerk response. ie if we discuss it one may be accussed of being into discrimination, racist etc. etc.

Yes that can occur…..but if you read my blogs, I always mention that every coin has 2 sides, and often we only see one.

One thing to keep in mind is that if something becomes a formal policy,and one widely promoted, there is often a hidden agenda behind it.

Now, immigration is loosely defined as allowing ” non – citizens ” of a given nation into said given nation, and allowing them to ultimately become citizens of said nation.

NOTE: I am purposely trying to break this down into simple points.

If you recall, I mentioned  a quote by Composer Richard Wagner , that stated if you have culture, you don’t need Gov’t.  Or extrapolating, if you have culture, you can build a nation without Gov’t. Or . perhaps ” governed by unwritten rules”.

With Gov’t, what have you got ? You have another entity that ultimately gets corrupted. With very few exceptions, Gov’ts almost always reach a tipping – point where they work against the citizens, a quasi – dictatorial system . As I have said it is no longer ” Public Servants ” but THEM versus US.

To maintain the veneer of democracy, of course we have elections. How do you win elections, so that in between elections you can maintain power as “the gov'” in your nation?

Ideally,or idealistically, you win a clear majority.

However, if you as a Gov’t are focussed on power…and are not concerned about lack of accountability, you pursue the “Divide and Conquer” strategy.

( To be Continued )

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