About me

I am a long time City of Richmond , B.C. resident , ……..First Generation Canadian , ……… born in Vancouver.

I created this blog ” Richmond Unlimited : The UNvarnished Truth ” because of a major grassroots concern , by myself and many others, that there is no real voice for the City of Richmond’s General Public / Average Richmond Citizens, nor an open venue for good objective debate and discussion on important matters and issues that affect us all .

Traditional Venues ?
Unfortunately , the MainStreamMedia ( MSM ) is increasingly fractured, fiscally limited etc.etc. to delve into many important issues .
In fact, IMHO, one local newspaper chain should be ultimately boycotted into oblivion, it’s views are so slanted and are basically regurgitated press releases.

Any dictatorship thrives on ignorance and censorship.

I consider each and every citizen an E-Q-U-A-L, and effectively a shareholder in the City, no different than a private sector corporation, which in many ways any level of Gov’t is.
I am of the view that while we all have diverse backgrounds , and variations / degrees re: ” left” or “right” of the political – center and collective societal spectrum…that (2) basic edicts apply

(i) Given ALL the facts, the CITIZENS make the BEST decisions

(ii) In a Democracy, the CITIZENS have the FINAL say

Unfortunately, the aforementioned democracy accountable to the grassroots citizenry is so sadly lacking in Richmond ( in fact, it appears the same problem exists in other Local Gov’ts, if not also at the Provincial and Federal Level ), but WHO or WHAT is to blame ? .

More importantly, HOW can it be fixed ?

Our City Hall has a cenotaph facing No. 3 RD which contains the names of people who died for democracy and its basic principles , such as the right – to – vote,… free speech , equality , and accountability of elected Gov’t.

However, a ” lack of democracy ” is not simply something visually blatant …..like tanks and soldiers in the streets.

An even worse ” democracy deficiency ” is a Local (or any ) Gov’t with a bunker mentality, …….run by the inmates ( both elected Council and hired Staff ) that simply uses/abuses the public coffers and their ” legal empowerment ” to engage in an orgy of spending hard earned tax dollars on pet projects etc. with little if any merit , public input or public approval.

This is not only endemic, it is becoming epidemic.

When was the last time City of Richmond had a referendum ?

The people should not fear the Gov’t ……….. no, in fact, the Gov’t should fear the people.

Further to this,and with little evidence to the contrary, I am of the view that the majority of Richmond Council has little if any clue as to what they are ACTAULLY voting on, and that Richmond Council is lead by a a few of machiavellian Council members , in alliance with senior Staff . The rest of Council is too intimidated to ask the proper questions , do THEIR due -diligence , nor has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to City Hall’s ” power elite” for their own Richmond constituents’ best and better interests.

I have attended several Council Meetings , Committee Meetings etc,( and yes, the entire infamous Garden City Lands ” soap opera” ..)….and the evidence clearly suggests Council is in way over their heads on many matters and allows Staff to lead them, our elected Council, by the nose with unintelligible bafflegab to foster various agendas .

I continually witness discussions and questions by Council that are so shallow , token, and pandering to the lowest common denominator, I am appalled at what we, the Richmond taxpayers, are receivng for our $50,000 + year per Councillor and $100,000+ for Mayor who are collectively entrusted with running an annual Civic budget in the range of $200 MILLION .

I won’t even go into what senior City Staff are paid….that is its own blog topic

I see our Council and Senior Staff as rather indifferent, arrogant, and catering to special interest groups.
Our Council, for what is effectively a part – time job, is being paid far more generously than we taxpayers are getting value for.

I once had at least “some faith” in a few members of Council, but , unfortunately have realized what an ignorant, if not outright deceptive and treacherous lot they are, literally willing to sell their own mothers out if need be. I , quite bluntly, have lost faith in the whole bunch

I also see our Council and senior Staff as close to retirement, { in fact, (4 ) of our Council Members are retired }, yet shaping the City in their own image, building ” white elephant ” monuments to their glory , and not giving a rats’ ass of the long list and litany of costly etc. messes they will impose on and leave future generations of Richmond citizens to clean up .

FIVE of our NINE Council members live WEST of No 1 Road, ……..only one lives EAST of Garden City Rd.. That is representation?

BTW this blog won’t be exclusive to the ” Kremlin ” at 6911 No. 3 Rd. The Public trust should not be betrayed by any Gov’t official

Regardless….Enough IS Enough.

It’s time we, the Richmond Citizens, took back what was rightfully ours and effectively taken from us by the inmates at Richmond City Hall.

If they at City Hall don’t agree and comply, a major housecleaning is in order during the November 2011 Civic Elections.

Let’s we, the Richmond Citizens….RETIRE them ahead of THEIR schedule

Finally , I don’t have any intention of running for office.
I have seen too many people get sucked into ” the system” and the ” aura of office” that they don’t realize they are no longer the same people as they were going in.


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