Corruption Defined

Corruption Defined

by  | on October 30, 2012

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I am going to lay out some things I am quite sure most if not all of you did not know. Just as many had no idea our pensions were backing the BC Hydro ‘Buy High, Sell Low Scam’
I am quite sure the data to come has not been laid out before. So with anything of this nature, lets lay down a foundation:

____________________is a Corporate Director, Public Policy Advisor and serves as a senior advisor to CAI Capital Management Co., a private equity fund. Nationally, he has held senior positions with the Government of Canada that included Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of International Trade with responsibility for the Asia Pacific Gateway initiative and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and Minister of Industry. In British Columbia, ______________ was the Province’s Deputy Minister of Finance, Secretary to Treasury Board and Deputy Minister to the Premier, Secretary to Cabinet. _____________ has also served in leadership roles in the private sector, including President and CEO of Canfor Corporation, President and CEO of the Vancouver International Airport Authority, and Chairman and CEO of Canadian Western Bank. ______________ currently serves on the Board of Directors of Finning International Inc., Stantec Inc., TimberWest Forest Corporation, Chorus Aviation Inc., Conair Group Inc., and D-Wave Systems Inc. In addition, ____________ is Chair, Alberta Premier’s Economic Strategy Council; Chair, Energy Policy Institute of Canada; Co-Chair, Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Public Service, and a member of China Investment Corporation International Advisory Council. ___________ holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Alberta and Doctorate in Economics from Queen’s University.

With this we can now move into uncovering some startling truths of just what is going on in British Columbia, and Canada. If you’re not in Canada, you have one where you are, I can guarantee that.

Something was left out on this impressive resume, Executive Chair of BC Transmission Corporation (think BC Hydro). So, by now, we all know that Corix (owned by CAI) was granted the contract to install Hydro meters, and this man DAVID EMERSON was on, drumroll please… Both Boards at the SAME TIME. see here

That’s the stuff everybody knows. What they may not know is something equally as corrupt but slightly less obvious. President and CEO of Canfor Corporation, TimberWest Forest Corporation, Energy Policy Institute of Canada.

One word: Biomass. herehere With massive subsidies to “Heritage Contracts” these companies are set to make a fortune burning everything they can get their hands on (like all the ‘pine beetle kill’ trees) I trust a good amount of you know what really is killing those trees?here

You also have to think, how much would Run-of-River IPP’s benefit from such a process. Of course, since most people are to busy walking into walls while texting, they never look up, but if they did, they might see this, like I did all summer in Kamloops and every other city I visited.

Now since you read the article on pensions BC Hydro ‘Buy High, Sell Low Scam’ youknow there are AT LEAST 800 applications for run of river projects in BC, and the more the river runs, the more money these guys make!

Moving on. What do 100′s of 1000′s of acres of fuel mean? Sawmills (the new Independant Power Producers) Can make a fortune selling our ‘pine beetle kill’ trees energy production  back to us (or of course to California for a way better profit) So here is another way the scam works. They buy power from Hydro (Emerson, a former higher up there) for cheap, so they can make biomass electricity generation profitable, then sell it back to Hydro (basically the clearing house) for GUARANTEED MONEY. Then they sell it back to mines (Finning International makes mining, forestry equipment ready for the BC Boom)  (Stantec Inc. does reclamation and a host of other ‘services’ for these types of projects) for cheap. That allows the mines to be subsidized (by the BC pensioners) and the money to roll into Emerson and Co’s pocket. Can you guess what happens when plasma-arcing of that material happens?

That’s right. all that particulate (including Barium, Strontium, Aluminum post gassification) that went into killing the trees is re-released back into the atmosphere, around small communities in BC (and big cities) for you to breath in (while Emerson makes money of course)

Lets go back slightly though, on top of smart meters needing to be replaced, upgraded, repaired constantly (CORIX cash cow of Emerson and his buddies) On top of all the rest, can we take a wild guess as to who will lend money to the cities, muni’s province, when the Province and its pensions are bled dry? When the skyrocketing hydro rates that are already happening and are a Guaranteed certainty to continue to go through the roof, even just for the 28 deferral accounts the Auditor General stated would increase rates %50+, who will be there to “Loan” money to our cities in the form of Bonds when the cities themselves go broke from buying this overpriced power? None other than David’s banking buddies at  of Canadian Western Bank. (former Chairman and CEO) Of course the average Joe will be blamed for ‘mismanaging their money’ or ‘getting to far over their head’

Guess what else happens, just in time for a interest rate hike? Massive spikes in Hydro bills, crippling the economy, forces half paid houses back into (bankers) hands (of course with bailouts waiting. Just like the $114 BILLION they got in ’08 Here

It couldn’t possibly be any more corrupt than this could it? Of course it could!  Who’s gonna store all that smart meter data you say? D-Wave Systems Inc, makers of Quantum computing products for industrial applications. Yes, that’s right, you know all those data fusion centers being built Kamloops etc, which I have pointed out in other posts? Someone needs to make money selling units, might as well be good ol’ David Emerson!

Now, when you are Minister of International Trade and getting sweetheart hydro deals (basically from yourself) you can trade many things, like mining products or LNG, TIMBER, OIL from OIL PIPELINES…. starting to make even more corrupt sense?

China Investment Corporation International Advisory Council, Asia Pacific Gateway, Alberta Premier’s Economic Strategy Council; Chair (tar sands, pipelines) Anyone know of an absolute sweetheart China deal that was made lately? here Like a deal that subverts all common sense environmental logic, democracy (something like the smart grid).

Last (I think) but not least. You may be wondering why a lot of this stuff doesn’t make the news, you know, when one guy or a group of them is subverting all of the things mentioned in this article. Why some guy in Kamloops can magically do some research and put this together when 1000′s of reporters in BC are ‘clueless’ to it. Here is your answer.

Who is on the Board at Post media? I’d ask you to take a wild guess, but of course that would be an insult to your intelligence. So of course, your major papers publish ‘aditorials’ (when guys like Gary ‘firestarter’ Murphy right in ‘letters to the ad dept editor) and spin all these country destroying profiteering ventures to be ‘great, green’ and just shy of the will of God. These things that are all %100 perfect and promise to bring peace, harmony, jobs, prosperity bla bla bla… and yet it never happens, but we get poorer, more in debt etc. So papers like the Province, Sun, Time Colonist, publish filth about how smart meters don’t cause fires, contrary to the truth and so on.

Remember in another article when I said David Emerson is one of the Top 5 worst Canadians of all time? Now you know why. Sure,  he has good company there, but he is microwave radiating children for money… and all the rest just mentioned…doesn’t get much worse than that!

Is anyone guessing why all logic and reason are being tossed to the side? It is emotion. Only to emotions can trump this, fear and greed. Greed is King here, it is King of our land our politics, rights, that’s all that is happening here.

Guys like Emerson need to be dethroned and shown for what they are just like their programs and scams.

You can drill down further into this mess if you want, there is more, I just wanted to open the door for others you may know.

Thanks for sharing this so others can know just how deep the rabbit hole goes (all the way to China)






Note: Sorry for the smaller print (above)…sometimes enlarging it from the original does not transfer well. Duly note the many links imbedded in the original (and EXCELLENT) article ie click when you see  “here”.


That this ” Conspiracy Theory ” ?


IMHO?  NO !… actually fills in a  lot of blanks……. more pieces seem to come together.


I have posted articles re: Weather Modification….Chemtrails etc. Having lived near YVR for decades…there is a distinct difference between plane exhaust(nearly invisible) and those big wide white “trails” that seem to linger in the air which I myself have noticed more and more.


Having travelled to the Cariboo area of BC since the 1970’s , I have seen the  devastation of the Pine Beetle. The “official” story is that the Pine Beetle epidemic was created by warm winters….that the beetle  is kept in check by cold winters…ie a minimum cold spell.  The pine tree is a major species in the BC interior , was devastated, with the bugs killing the trees needles which soon turned a red colour. Now they are grey…all the needles have fallen off…and very dry.  What an unfortunate “natural disaster”….or was it ?


The premise is…IF  weather can be modified….this can benefit the vested interests …..unbeknownst to the trusting/gullible public.


As I have mentioned, this would fit the AGENDA 21 premise, which can be summarized as a Global Gov’t which wishes to effectively herd people like cattle  into densified Cities.  The “people- cattle” are being programmed to feel “guilt” for affecting “Mother Nature”….and thus buying into their ultimate surrender to these self – deemed Elitist gods. Part of this herding is to force people out of rural areas. Many rural areas do not have diverse industries…and often dependent on resource extraction etc.


I recently read that , due to the Pine Beetle impact, many B.C. Interior towns that are dependent on forestry will run out of timber in 10-15 years. Then what ? Ghost towns?


A ” Dr. Evil “Plan would be to know the Pine Beetle Life Cycle…create the right weather conditions that would create an epidemic, all it takes is one year or two….and 100+ year old trees are wiped out en masse.


We lowly citizens have just recently by our Masters…err Elected Gov’t Reps..of subsurface resources being literally surrendered to foreign countries.    So..the trees are killed off…..and the non living resources are given away.





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