Later Today….The time has arrived….

Later Today….The time has arrived….

I am going to post another interview.
I have intentionally omitted certain parts of history , because it can be so hard to absorb the volumes of introductory information as well as the UNlearning process. As I have often noted,or implied,  history is an optional course for various reasons, and what is presented as history is often regurgitated propoganda.
TRUE History teaches us lessons that must be learned to avoid being repeated. At least the vested interests are aware of this.
This interview should help connect a lot of dots of what I have discussed previously. Just as a reminder, remember what happened in Russia, and who was behind it. These same parties have pulled the strings in various nations to create false adversaries for centuries, like a wrestling match, profit from the bloodbath of war and annihilate those that stand up to them and won’t roll over. Keep crushing any/all nations that simply wish to preserve their culture, autonomy etc.
PS: If you still don’t get it…move to the back of the class and review past posts…… before it is too late.
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