Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and the Jews of Hollywood ( Part 2 )

Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and the Jews of Hollywood ( Part 2 )

There is nothing wrong…… per se…of a group of people to have a common goal and pursue it to a logical conclusion.
As I stated in aan earlier post, that is the roots of , and defines, a  country or nation…people with a common bond and similar goals as opposed to other options.
However, when a defineable group not only starts an industry, but wishes to maintain 100% of the power, to the exclusion of others, one has every right to question ” why “… is much like Hollywood is, in fact a nation or country unto its own.
If we understand that to roots of the new initiative are tainted at the start, ….that the crucial  patent laws of the day were ignored….is it not much like peeing in the punch bowl ?
Or in a contrarian view,……. what IF the parties that chose to blatantly ignore the patent laws were stopped dead in their tracks….and NO Hollywood existed…and that the industry grew in Eastern US …how would this affect history ?
It is no secret to anyone that the media in its many forms is a powerful tool to shape public opinion, whether it be fiction or non – fiction. The media can mold culture, overtly or subliminally…dare we say “braineashing”?
History is full of examples of ripped off inventors…(ie check out Nikolai Tesla)……..thats is, unfortunately, a fact of  life.
Hollywood had made some great movies….of all genre’s ……this is not in question.
What is intriguing are such sidebar issues as Walt Disney. I have come across various “cartoons” from the 1940’s that were used as propoganda, which demonized Germans and the Japanese.
I always found it interesting that the Germans were considerrd “racists”…yet had allied with non Caucasians in WW2 ie the Japanese…while the Allies had extremely discriminatory policies to NON whites.
The artice I cited in Part 1 shows that Disney, a non -Jew ……who tried to break into Hollywood, had his private property , ie his company was taken over by vested interests to produce “propoganda”. 
One has to question “why” Walt Disney lost control ?
If people want to create propoganda…then create a special company with some newly – branded characters.  OR..was the intent to again, (like the Thomas Edison invention ) rip- off a well – established brand to ingrain a subliminal message ? ie IF ……cartoon Characters make political statements……so should REAL people.(?!…????)
It would be much like “The Gov’t” using Ronald McDonald to promote prophylatics…..prostitution….or illegal drugs………?????
My point is…..if you understand the so -called…. or self -deemed “Jewish “variable in the equation of GLOBAL HISTORY,  Y-O-U effectively have the Rosetta Stone to Past …Present and Future world events.
Knowledge IS Power…and the Truth does not fear scrutiny……. at the macroscopic nor microsopic levels …..or any level in between.
( To Be Continued…)
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