Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and the Jews of Hollywood ( Part 3 )

As one reads this story, it is quite clear that not only has an ethnocentric group found Hollywood, it has no intention of allowong “outsiders”.   One has to wonder “why ?”.
This is not to say that people should overtly help competition, business is business …..but people have a right to compete on a level playing filed and not be ambushed or discriminated against.  Is there an agenda here beyond just business, especially in THIS industry ?
This article is very good in its chronological and political dissection of Hollywood over the past 100+ years.
If one studies Unions and Union movement, they exist at( 2 ) levels, but in sum total, are often subversive forces, revolutionaries acting again as chokepoints to key facets of society. The soldiers,….. the Union members, buy into the solidarity and the lure of higher wages and benefits. The leadership of unions tends to be radical, and in fact it is not unheard of that they are members of Marxist/Communist parties…..keep this key point in mind. Re: the benefit of unions? Suffice it to say I have been in (3) unions myself.
However, the idealized view of Unions are that what if everyone was in a Union…workers paradise?  No its simply impossible, society could not support full union membership. What should be kept in mind is the Private Sector Unions are decreasing, but Public Sector Unions aren’t and are growing in power and demands…aka at key chokepoints (ie Health Care, Education..etc.
One critical lesson in all this is the (2) sides of the same coin. We have the studio owners AND the Marxist Communists in the industry  of the same ethnocentricity….One may does that work,…shouldn’t it be ONE or the OTHER ?  No, that is exactly how it appears to be classically set up…control both sides of the equation.
Edison had basically waived the white flag, the Hollywood moguls had won.  The battle focusses on Walt Disney and his determination to establish a foothold. Things are getting very interesting , moreso if you expand your view into global geo – politics . Remember how I had discussed Zionism and the Bolshevik Revolution in past posts ? 
Facts ARE Facts….and the major players are certifiably identifiable.
A quick yet accurate summary was that WW2 was simply the unfinished portion of WW1.   Two major European Countries and cultures were effectively decimated in these (2) world wars, and they were not agresssors, they were obstacles to a greater agenda .
Now, to finish off the agenda…it was no holds barred….Walt Disney was becoming major player in a key chokepoint…the media ….and was now perceived as a threat.
In this Left Wing Right Wing tag team…..the Communists …in Hollywood (or anywhere)….act as agitators and thugs. They create boogeymen and will resort to any/all tactics to disrupt the status – quo and turn brother against brother.
This co-ordinated attack plays into the hands of the Right Wing….This is what brought Russia down…the Communists were funded by New York Bankers. In Russia, it was done with the “chokepoint” of brutal force . In the US,and much of western culture,  it was done more with the “chokepoint” of slow drip of poison…undermining of culture and values etc..
I had read that Disney had been in financial trouble, but Germany was one market that helped sustain him. Why would he bite that hand that fed him.? He, and many others did not want to enter the War….and were obviously very savvy to WHO wanted to enter the war and why.
Henry Morgenthau, for all intents and purposes,  WAS the President of the U.S.  Roosevelt had Communist leanings and was  simply a puppett of his handlers . Hence Walt  Disney was not only a target but a trophy….
( To Be Continued )
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