SMART METERS: DOCUMENT ( 2 )” Letter of Refusal “

SMART METERS: DOCUMENT ( 2 ) ” Letter of Refusal ”


Below is the letter that is recommended be signed and sent to the parties noted in the letter.


We should thank these parties for taking the time to draft and submit a final copy for anyone to share.


One can draft ones own and submit it…, but these parties have been working on our behalf as a volunteer citizens group,  and are very knowledgeable on this issue . If the same letter is sent in by many different parties, this will have greater impact as BC Hydro and our MLA’s will realize an organized force exists our there.


Via Electronic Mail and Canada Post to:            


BC Hydro,

Attention: Mr. Gary Murphy, Chief  Project Officer

Smart Metering Program

6911 Southpoint Drive, Burnaby BC, V3N 4X8         





Attention: FINAL REFUSAL NOTICE TO B.C. Hydro and agents and/or assignees thereof: and


Dear Sirs / Mesdames:


Re:      Account # _____________

            Address: _________________________________________________________


I am the holder of the above-referenced account with your utility and the occupant of the above-referenced residential dwelling (“My Home”). 


This letter is my FINAL REFUSAL NOTICE AND RESPONSE to your continued harassment via letters and phone calls threatening to install a microwave device (wireless smart meter) on my home in spite of my previous correspondence CATEGORICALLY REFUSING THIS MICROWAVE DEVICE AND REFUSING YOU ENTRY to my property for the express purpose of CHANGING the current meter for said microwave device.


Given the existing and developing scientific and professional concerns regarding the person and property risks from fire as well as incalculable risks to health and safety from these microwave devices, I continue to refuse the placing of such a device on my property, in any location. You are hereby prohibited AT ANY TIME, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE, from entering my property for the purpose of installing such a microwave device.


You assert your contractual right to “access” your equipment. I agree that you may continue to access this property and your equipment for the purpose of reading the present non-radiofrequency radiation meter. If our current meter needs replacement, you may replace it with a safe and secure analogue meter.


I interpret your actions of continued harassment and threatening behaviour as abuse of power by a monopoly and a clear violation of the rights and freedoms afforded to me by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as enshrined in our Canadian Constitution. Your departure from the very foundation of our social structure and violation of our basic democratic process is evidenced by the need to protect people from such actions via the Human Rights Class Action lawsuit approved against BC Hydro. (optional clause – delete if not applicable – I am a plaintiff in this regard, and further harassment of me is contrary to the Human Rights Code.)


You are on notice that my family and I rely on our power supply from BC Hydro for our health and livelihood. In the event that you cut off power to my home as a result of my refusal to allow you to install a microwave device at my home, I will consider you to have breached the Tariff, and I will hold you accountable for damages in that regard. 


As a customer of this public utility, I demand you immediately institute CHOICE at no cost by way of an opt out program which can be accessed by all of us who unequivocally refuse microwave device smart meters on our property.  BC Hydro and the BC Liberals are well aware that opt out provisions are now being mandated in most places where smart metering is being implemented, including Quebec. I stand resolute in my demand to be respected as your customer and as a citizen of British Columbia, Canada. 


All harassment, intimidation and threats to me or my family by BC Hydro’s employees or assigns in their efforts to force a microwave device upon me against my will, despite being condoned by the BC Liberals, must stop immediately.








Liberal BC Leader Christy Clark

Minister of Health, Margaret MacDiarmid,

Minister of Energy Rich Coleman

BC Chief Medical Officer P.Kendall

NDP Energy Critic John Horgan

NDP Deputy Critic for Health

NDP Health Critic Mike Farnworth

NDP BC Leader Adrian Dix

Green Party Federal Leader E. May

Green Party BC Leader Jane Sterk


Copy also your MLA local Mayor & Council

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