I was  kindly sent a couple of documents  re SMART METER  and the next steps for the NO SMART METERS groups.

Here is the first(Below), the next is a formal letter to sign and submit.



Send by e-mail, and regular or registered mail. Send attention Gary Murphy. They appear to be deleting some e-mails.

Make sure to send to your MLA, mayor and council as well. It is also VERY IMPORTANT that you go in to see your MLA or you phone at the very least and make a lot of noise about your rights being diminished.

If you are caught on the phone with a BC Hydro person, you can read this letter aloud over the phone to them. Don’t stop reading once you have a BC Hydro person until you have finished or they hang up on you. Hang up once you are done reading the letter. Don’t get into discussion with them, JUST READ THE LETTER ALOUD IF THEY CALL YOU AND CATCH YOU OFF GUARD. Keep the letter beside the phone. Use it as your script , just Hydro uses a script upon you.


It is imperative that people respond in writing to the last letter and that it be received by mail as well as by e-mail, which they will try to deny receipt of. Make sure that all letters are kept by you as copies and documented as to the date of mailing.



MAKE A NOISE – The slide to dictatorship and denial of democratic rights should be hugely concerning to every single citizen of Canada, no matter if they like microwave device smart meters or not.

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