Christian Zionism

 Christian Zionism

Spingola Speaks 2013.01.08

Guest: Charles E. Carlson talked about the evils and prevalence of Christian Zionism, the idea of the state of Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy and is ordained of God. Christianity is about following the teaching of Christ.

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Another *****highly recommended***** interview.
It would be of interest to Atheists ,Agnostics and ALL Religious groups.
Christian Zionism, loosely defined, are those Christians that believe, or lead to believe,   that the current state of Israel, on stolen Palestinian land.. …is a fulfillment of the Bible and its prophecies….and thus must be supported, literally come Hell or High Water.  They also believe that if Israel leads us all into an Apocalypse/Armaggedon, that this will lead to Christ’s 2nd coming, and thus this would be great !
These Christian Zionists are a potent political force in the US.   The Zionist know this, and have developed the bogus Judeo – Christian mythology. However, The (2) belief systems,  if truly scrutinized, are diametrically opposed. If you have read my posts…it should be abundantly clear that Zionists have, directly and indirectly , slaughtered tens of millions of people, and their  early targets have been Christians who they both detest and have always seen as a threat.  Now they are into taking out the last bastions to their Global agenda, ie those of the Muslim and Islamic faiths.
So, you may can the Christian Zionists fall for this……aren’t they being authors of their own physical and spiritual demise ?
Ms. Spingola and Mr. Carlson dissect and expose this massive charade. This topic is not new to me,  as I have come across it many times in my ” rabbit hole” research. If you are not aware of it, you should find this a fascinating introduction into this Christian Zionism topic.
In a future post, I will cite warnings of these “wolves in sheeps clothing ” parties that are quoted in Scripture.
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