SMART METER : ****** ALERT ***** !!!

SMART METER : ****** ALERT ***** !!!

Yesterday one of my readers informed me as follows:
Anything happening regarding smart meters?  I haven’t seen or read anything lately and I got a letter from
Hydro today saying my “hold” period is up and they’re going to install the meter.
When I picked up my Mail after I read this…….I received an official letter from BC Hydro on the Smart Meter issue . It is (2) pages (Both sides of single page)
I will quote from it:  DATED Jan. 4 2013.
—–” You are getting this letter because the smart meter installation at your residence was previously delayed at your request. Please take a few minutes to read the following – it will help you understand why we can no longer delay the installation of a new meter at your home “
—–” The old meters are becoming obsolete and require us to manually perform services that have now been automated by smart meters. BC Hydro has a responsibility to ensure safe, cost effective electricity delivery to homes and businesses all around the province. It will cost far more to set – up and maintain incompatible and separate systems to serve customers without a smart meter and those extra costs will have to be passed on to  customers.
For those reasons, , we can no longer delay the installation of the new meter at your residence. Installers will visit you to exchange the old BC Hydro Meter at your home for a new smart meter. Customer service representatives will also be available, in person, to answer any questions you may have”.    or 1-800 – 409 – 8199
Signed :
Gary Murphy
Chief Project Officer, Smart Metering Program
I will reply to this  and post it later .(aka they do not have my consent) 
I felt time was of the essence to inform you and that you can pass the word on ASAP.
BC Hydro may start a major SWAT team approach to ramp this smart meter installation up and I can foresee this getting very UGLY. Note above that BC Hydro will have a representative there in person…in addition to the Corix employee.  This may be for legal reasons if things get ugly.
My advice is to keep a “CamCorder type of device” at the ready to visually record what happens if they show up on your property and you refuse the installation .
More Later
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