Response to Gails comments re :Aleksandr I.Solzhenitsyn.

Response to Gails comments re :Aleksandr I.Solzhenitsyn.

I believe these words of wisdom will fall upon deaf ears, in fact , as we speak, we are daily giving up one freedom after another and have given away our power to the likes of OBAMA and HARPER , who have sold us out to COMMUNISM….(CHINA) Through the use of cell phones and smart meters we are constantly under surveilance, our legal systems are a joke and the constabulary commit crimes against humanity with no reprisals. We are sitting ducks who voluntarily condone the acts of violence and greed commited by these criminals, and send them the funds to continue this abuse……
I agree that much of what anyone says falls “mostly”on deaf ears. History is littered with parties who stood up against the tide and tried to open peoples minds…at least see the other side of the debate. History has shown that many great people have tried  and failed.
So why bother ?
I think that one has a duty and an  obligation to submit ones understanding and interpretation what is going on… ” carrying the torch”. Where would we be if everyone simply “shut up”.?
I am listening to an internet radio show and one party said  its not just ” The Truth Will Set You Free “…it is “A-C-T-I-N-G on the truth is what  will set you FREE.”
One other show, a host mentioned that he had talked to a friend about a certain group in society whose power and influence is disproportional to their actual population . His friend didn’t quite get it. Then the host told him go check out the owners of major league sports teams, what common thread aka ethnicity is there ? His friend was amazed once he did HIS homework.
Or that the world has approx. 1, 200 Billionaires  70% of them belong to the same ethnic tribe which is less than .02% of the worlds population.
Same thing with Banking….or Media ownership..
Given just those (2) facts what is one supposed to read into it ? Is 99.99% of the world lazy and stupid ? (NOTE: Delving down these simple rabbit holes will answer many questions and tell you exactly why this occurrs)
Now the vast majority of people will stop THERE …..” THE END “…..either out of fear to go further….or have been brainwashed into supporting those that history has PROVEN have been behind the enslavement of the 99.99% of the worlds population, destruction of their culture and belief systems and leave them literally and figuratively naked.
This is one reason I continually refer to the  ” Bolshevik Revolution” . I see it as the end game globally , all the evidence suggests it. Can’t people see that the world is becoming much like Russia was 100 years ago, turmoil, strife, social upheaval ,police state/martial laws , loss of personal freedoms…..all the hallmarks of Communist State. .
…Again WHO, ethnically speaking,   were the major forces behind the Bolshevik Revolution…and WHY? . Our CURRENT Leaders are ass- kissing this same group  that lives on Stolen Palestinian land and uses it as a base for their global operations.
Aleksandr I.Solzhenitsyn…..lived it….survived it   and warned us. Many will act like sheep and go willingly to the literal slaughter, or find out when it is too late. Much of Communism is based on culling the herd…tens of millions were just killed under Stalin and Mao for no reason at all.
The rest of us ? We have ” OTHER” plans….
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