Just a Theory :RE: ” South Fraser Perimeter Road ” (SFPR)

Just a Theory : ” South Fraser Perimeter Road ” (SFPR)
If one travels though the Massey Tunnel…..to go to the Tsawassen Ferry Terminal….or travel to White Rock, …..one cannot help but notice the massive amount of road infrastructure being built….. the so called ” South Fraser Perimeter Road” (SFPR)
When the issue was discussed , various options were submitted, many of which seemed to make more sense , more efficient and use much less land.
The road network does not seem to have any rhyme nor reason … it weaves its way over vast acreage in very snake like convoluted fashion.
The excuse is this complex  transportation network is needed for port expansion and to make us more competitive globally.  
Or is it ?
Over Chrismas, I received a fascinating book re: history of BC. It is full of copies of old maps going back over 100 years ago.  One particular one is a map from 1905 that includes transit routes and property subdivisions from the North Shore..south to Tsawassen and east to Langley .  It actually notes a major port to be located at Roberts Bank. In other words….its suitability as a major port of entry has long ago been realized and prioritized.
However…..While this port may have “commercial uses”….I am getting feelings that it may also have MILITARY uses.
If the SHTF, and this Globalism One World Gov’t is established this Delta area has a very high land per person ration, or, conversely one of the lowest population densities, and lays very strategically between the US border and the vast majority of BC citizens who live in Metro Vancouver. (NOTE: The Canadian Gov’t has an agreement with the US to literally allow US military to enter into Canada if the situation warrants it ..Hmmm Why?).
Close off access at HOPE, perhaps the Sea – to – Sky Highway….and you basically have BC shut down and an open air prison camp for over 2 million people.
The Delta area would serve as a marshalling area for a large Military presence, and the NEW SFPR would make various Metro areas very accessible for military deployment.
If we have become reliant on external sources for most of our needs…Ports figure huge in the equation.
However,If Port traffic is stifled or halted…by accident or force, ……you can bring a nation to its knees and kill millions without firing a shot. Examples…Ukrainian Holomodor..Irish Famine….500,000 Iraqi children died due to sanctions on medical supplies…(NOTE: sanctions is simply another word for the aforementioned )
I am not suggesting I have any inside information, sources or documents, but simply a ” theory “, …..as noted several times , ……learning from history and , again, seeing every coin has 2 sides.
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