Have you noticed the latest ” Social Engineering ” ……going on literally…… ” right under your nose ” ?

Have you noticed the latest ” Social Engineering ” ……going on literally…… ” right under your nose ” ?
Over the holidays, unless one is a hermit, one engages in a lot more socialization with friends family etc.
QUESTION: Where you able to a have an UNinterrupted conversation with those you socialized with ?
Did you notice people staring at a little screen they pulled out of their pockets ? aka ” Smart Phone ” etc.
(  I am not saying this is epidemic…at least not yet . )
They stare at this little screen and search for text messages, …..missed calls, ….search GOOGLE on -line …….or other information sent via wireless-less.
In essence…the ” powers – that – be ”  have people lining up for hours to get the latest version of these multi -functional ” anti – social ” devices.
Are these devices advancing society, or sending us into further regression ?  
Being an UNapologetic “alternative media” fan……. I hear views of people who have rehabbed themselves from Cell Phones…..Farmville …. FaceBook…they admit they were under a spell and have escaped the ” trance “.
It shouldn’t be a stretch for anyone who follows technology, this was totally predictable. Create a device that is       ” ALL – in – ONE “…”One Size fits all”….. , amalgamate the various devices into a single device. Like  a drug dealer….an addiction is created, then bring out the “latest ” ultimate must – have device.
People will consider this technology empowering, a venue for greater INdependence ….. but IMHO, it is nothing but an enslavement.   People end up like little islands, quasi – independent….  with little ” real life/real time ”  interpersonal connection.
This fits the ” Divide -and -Conquer ” premise I often refer to.
The question to ask is….” Is society ….as a whole and/or collectively …..improved by this latest – alleged innovation ? “
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