2013: Our ” LUCKY ” Year ?

2013: Our ” LUCKY ”  Year ?

This holiday season is sure a roller coaster of emotions….

The build up….hussle and bustle….juggling this , organizing that…

This year was great, we toned things down…kept it simpler…maybe that’s just a function of getting older.

This weekend, we were all in a  bit of a funk…probably because its over, and back to normal.

So we are a week into 2013….and what about the next  51 weeks ? The number “13 “in 2013 may creep people out, but then again, maybe it will be our Lucky Year.

Personally speaking, I have been blogging far into my 2nd year..and with a goal to keep ramping it up. Given I listen to a lot of “No -Holds -barred ” internet radio…I sense a lot of people awakening. Right now, I am listening to a another persons journey to understanding what really happened in History. I think we all have this yearning for the truth, but where to start ?

I think that locally and globally, a crescendo is building.

Events are not disconnected. As I have stated in numerous posts, there are master thread that ties it all together

Time for action.

For Example….Smart Meters. 4% of BC Hydro Customers have said NO to Smart Meters. BC Hydro doesn’t know what to do ? BC Hydro has perhaps met its Waterloo. The “power ” of this resistance needs to be harnessed . From this organized minority who knows what else could be launched ?

We have to stand up to many bullies out there, whether it be Politicians, Civil Servants, Police….Elitists…who have overstepped their bounds and it seems their only goals are to make our lives increasingly miserable and reduce our standard of living…so WHO do they work for?..certainly not us.

Make good decisions that are totally within ones control. Boycott various temptations that historically lead to nowhere, or worse. If you are like me…maybe reflect back on the previous generation/s and see how they made it with a lot less.

We have to re-connect with our roots, and not accept cheap disposable substitutes and become hopelessly addicted, then enslaved .

Never EVER let go of your ” Warrior Spirit “, keep it honed and fine- tuned.It may be called upon at any time.

Realize what is true INjustice. When you see a person in need, see what you can do to help. One’s own station in life can often be based on “…..but for the grace of God go I “. Let’s work on the goal of equality  based  bring everyone UP….not have everyone equal via the lowest common denominator .


I enjoy blogging and will continue to keep blogging.

Thanks for reading.

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