Video: ” Rampant INjustice “

Video: ” Rampant INjustice “



So, after viewing this video….you may ask……WTF is going on ?

Review “Habeas Corpus”

Habeas corpus (English pronunciation: /ˌhbiəs ˈkɔrpəs/; Latin: “you have the body”) is a writ (legal action) which requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court.[1][2] This ensures that a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention—that is, detention lacking sufficient cause or evidence. The remedy can be sought by the prisoner or by another person coming to the prisoner’s aid. This right originated in the English legal system, and is now available in many nations. It has historically been an important legal instrument safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary state action.

As is my goal,   simply break down this complex molecule to its simpler components.

Why would a “Federal” Gov’t send in such police raids to small businesses without any “cause” or any “evidence of wrongdoing” ?

Doesn’t a democracy, by inherent definition.. have a system in place to protect the rights of their citizens……”innocent till proven guilty” ?

Welcome to Fast Forward ….from the Past … the Future

Have you been taking NOTES ???

Waaaaayy back, I heard about parties that challenged the Income Tax Acts in courts….stating that they had no legal obligation to pay Income Tax…that it was a “temporary” tax meant to pay for War Debts.

That was intriguing….such as where did “Income Tax” come from?

The evidence suggests it was simply another in a loooonng list of Bankster swindles(redundant).

IMHO….The U.S Federal Reserve creation in 1913…100 years ago…. was ” KEY ” . This primed the pump and set in motion the perpetual enslavement of the average citizen. Canada and the U.S. have never EVER escaped these colonial shackles, that is simply a mirage.

A quick summary is that any/all Tax Collection agencies are simply thugs of the Rothschilds usury banking empire.

The above video shows the slow de – evolution of the U.S. …… a slow degradation into a Communist State..the foreshadowed rot from within. Obama is a Marxist, and he has surrounded himself with the same “ideological group ” that ALL Marxist Gov’ts have.

The nasty trick “democratic” Gov’ts use is to invoke “martial law” based on some alleged external threat. We call that “false flags”..some internally engineered event (like 9-11 ) to be used as a justification to over-ride “habeas corpus” and concentrate power into the hands of a single person…a quasi King – Emperor …….much like the old feudal system days.

Thus, the U.S Gov’t , much like Bolshevik Revolution 100 years ago….is simply attempting to terrorize its citizens with a spot incidents to create the atmosphere of fear and terror into the rest of the population,   much like any other bully .

As the lawyer in the video stated…upon further investigation, a team of “thug” cops from all over the U.S. ……., at obvious major taxpayer expense,……. was organized by the Gov’t  to accomplish_______???????

It is also “rewarding” its goons, the police forces….. to be the “muscle” for the aforementioned agenda …..aka ” betray the fellow citizen taxpayer and we will reward you “.

There is no evidence these Gov’t ambushes on small businesses had any net benefit…ie shake down some $$$ to pay the Rothschilds scum that they feel they are owed. I feel very certain that no Mega corporation has had such an ambush invoked on it.

Same Shit ..Different Pile….it has the foul putrid stinking reek of Communism, which is THE ultimate terrorist state.

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