What if political parties were BANNED ?

What if political parties were BANNED ?

This thought has stuck with me the last few days….as I delve more into History.

Apparently,  the U.S.’s  founding fathers had made several advisories and submitted many warnings as they tried to create a republic.  One of them was they discouraged the formation of ” political parties”. aka that those who ran for office should not have any “party”  affiliations they would be beholden to .

I am increasingly seeing why.

Years ago, in the 1960’s and 1970’s there was a radio talk show host who stated that we in Canada lived under a dictatorship, aka the Prime Minister was a dictator.  Never forgot that, because he was 100% correct..it is the working model of how our Gov’ts works.  

The MP’s had no real say, they followed whatever the PM mandated….or else suffer the political consequences, which can be demotion or being kicked out of the party. The rewards for being  a good lapdog are abundant…lots of perks, gold – plated pension, various appointments…etc.etc.

Same goes for Provincial politics and even Local Gov’t

However what is in it for the General Public ?

As I noted in previous posts we are fooled into thinking one party is much different than the other..like a wrestling match.  Any differences are structured and sheer posturing . In other words it is all fake opposition…both sides are ultimately controlled by the vested interests, the General Public be damned .

However, we still vote under the current scam .  WHY ….really ?

All we tend to do is vote out parties, not vote them in..the protest vote to vent our spleen..but this ends up like beating ones head against the wall, nothing changes, till the current Gov’t  pisses us off and we vote them out ?

This is due to the party system.

It must go.

This charade must end.

Put it this way…our current Gov’t ” model” is “for sale” to the highest bidder and that isn’t you me or millions of others..  A “party machine” is created that  plays all sorts of dirty games, vets candidates (future puppets)and takes care of fundraising. Once the charade of an election is over these elected candidates do as they are told.

In the Core Voting base..you get people who say they have always voted “X” party and would never vote “Y”party.it becomes a bad habit.

Who and What should replace it ?

However it works …..we need independents, ……people in office who can reach consensus but more importantly involve the public. Expensive to run a campaign?….no ….not if you can inspire the public with some sincerity and integrity….not bamboozle them with thousands of signs, pamphlets   and BS speeches written by someone else.  The Voters are not stupid.  In Richmond, I know of independent candidates that spent less than $2,000 and almost got elected.   The main problem is LOW voter turnout…where less than 30% of active eligible Voters end up deciding for the 100% of eligible voters and the other citizens.

These independents  have no allegiances except to the public.

Term limits…no more career politicians who develop cobwebs on their asses and in their heads..  Fair salary , but no pension. We want people attracted to serving the public, not taking advantage of the public ,….. the benefit of this will go around and come around .

We have to weed out Gov’t …..such as the civil service….needs to be cleaned up. No more ass -covering  no more Old Boys Club. Cut out  the useless frivolous programs,  focus on the basics. No more empire building.

Re:  build a Nation, or more like start one that never really existed in the first place. Each of us have to ask ourselves , and not in a selfish sense……HAS our standard of living and quality of life improved in the recent past…and for the foreseeable future ? Or, is it on downward incline ?

Quality control will be via the Public…keeping them honest 24/7.  If one focusses on NEEDS of the Greater Good, , and not wants by various special interest groups…., this shouldn’t be  a problem.

Of course this is difficult, and may be a pipe dream, but we the Public have surrendered control. We have to identify the PROBLEM before we can work towards SOLUTIONS.

However accepting and maintaining  the status- quo is like swimming with an anchor……its not a matter of IF we sink, but WHEN we sink.

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