“Expendable”: The harrowing case of innocent Schapelle Corby.

“Expendable”: The harrowing case of innocent Schapelle Corby.


Uploaded on Feb 9, 2012


I downloaded this video from http://www.youtube.com/user/TruthNetwork15
You can download this video using http://keepvid.com/

This is the harrowing story Schapelle Corby, a young woman wrongly convicted of drug trafficking. Corrupt baggage handlers put cannabis in her luggage at an Australian airport.

The Australian Police and Government knew that this sort of wicked corruption was happening but they covered it up. By covering up the known problem of corrupt baggage handlers the Australian Police and Government enabled Schapelle Corby to be framed for trafficking drugs.

It is hard to imagine the kind of twisted perverse minds of the baggage handlers let alone the Police and Government officials. They are clearly criminally psychopathic.

It is high time we the people demanded routine psychological examination of all Government and high ranking Police officials as well as all those in the legal profession. Any found to be psychopathic or in any way lacking normal human compassion must then be removed form their jobs. They must then be thoroughly investigated to see if they have been involved in any corruption or any other type of criminality.

Further, we must bring an end to career politicians. No one should be allowed to serve for more than two years in Government. Long careers in such high powered jobs inevitably leads to a rick of corruption.

If Schapelle Corby dies in prison then MURDER charges MUST be brought on ALL officials, baggage handlers and the perverse corrupt media people responsible for framing Schapelle Corby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a message to the coward evil scum baggage handlers who planted the drugs on Schapelle Corby: Damn you to hell! You are sick in the head and I must say to you that if Schapelle Corby dies in prison I for one will be demanding the death penalty for you !!!!!




The above “Comment” ( In BLACK ) originates with the party who posted this video.
They are obviously outraged, as you should be after viewing this documentary.
These SCUM in power are a Global entity, they abuse our trust and misuse our rights.
In this Schapelle Corby case, in Australia, this case absolutely reeks from top to bottom…..the Gov’t is getting away with literal and figurative MURDER.
What has happened to all the decent people ? One has to conclude that there is an US versus THEM mentality.
US simply has to determine who the THEY are, and start cleaning house.
Paraphrasing classic quotes, the measure of a society is HOW it treats its weakest and most vulnerable citizens.  If those we entrust to uphold a basic and universal decency and morality fail us all collectively and miserably…..Justice delayed IS Justice denied…..
Time for the citizens to take charge and to remove these leaches, roaches  and tumours to our best and better interests.
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