Later Today : Another Documentary

Later Today : Another Documentary

In the 1970’s,  when the movie JAWS came out, it instilled a paranoia for people to enter the water to go swimming……into areas where who knows what lurks hidden.

There was also a movie called ” Midnight Express” ….where a westerner was caught smuggling drugs and imprisoned in a foreign country. The movie revolved around the parties imprisonment and his being subjected to a brutal and sadistic prison guard.

The theme that connects both is the great unknown…unfamiliar areas and the potential consequences.

While listening to an internet radio show from Australia, they were disussing the topic of Gov’t and the Justice System and  they noted a case involving an Australian Citizen, and which a documentary has been made.

Curious, I did a GOOGLE search, found it on line , and watched it yesterday..( just under 2 hours )…..which is why I didn’t post much on my blog……2 hours to me usually ends up 4 hours for various reasons.

The brief synopsis is this Citizen, a young female, left Australia and flew to Indonesia.  When she got to Indonesia, and picked up her luggage, she was arrested. The customs officials found a large quantity of illegal drugs in her suitcase.

Now one is often quick to judge…ie ” Oh yeah …..another “guilty” person claiming they were framed “.

However, as the documentary unfolds I don’t think the best fiction writers could have drafted such a story of intrigue, betrayal and treachery.

The evidence is quite abundant, in fact overwhelming that she is innocent and a scapegoat for a major cover-up by her Gov’t ie Australia. Again the ” THEM versus US.”

I will probably view it again, but I highly recommend you view it.

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