College Allows Transgender Man to Expose Himself to Young Girls

College Allows Transgender Man to Expose Himself to Young Girls

College Allows Transgender Man to Expose Himself to Young GirlsNov 1, 2012

By Todd Starnes

A Washington college said their non-discrimination policy prevents them from stopping a transgender man from exposing himself to young girls inside a women’s locker room, according to a group of concerned parents.

“Little girls should not be exposed to naked men, period,” said David Hacker, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom. A group of concerned parents contacted the legal firm for help.

Hacker said a 45-year-old male student, who dresses as a woman and goes by the name Colleen Francis, undressed and exposed his genitals on several occasions inside the woman’s locker room at Evergreen State College.

Students from nearby Olympia High School as well as children at a local swimming club share locker rooms with the college.

According to a police report, the mother of a 17-year-old girl complained after her daughter saw the transgender individual walking naked in the locker room. A female swim coach confronted the man sprawled out in a sauna exposing himself. She ordered him to leave and called police.

The coach later apologized when she discovered the man was transgendered but explained there were girls using the facility as young as six years old who weren’t used to seeing male genitals.

“They’re uncomfortable with him being in there, her, being in there and are shocked by it,” parent Kristi Holterman told KIRO-TV.

According to the police report, the local district attorney probably will not pursue charges because he said the “criminal law is very vague in this area.”

Francis told KIRO-TV that he was born a man but chose to live as a woman in 2009. Francis said he felt discriminated against after he was told told leave.

“This is not 1959 Alabama,” Francis told the television station. “We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”

Hacker and local parents are outraged over the college’s response to the incident.

“The idea that the college and the local district attorney will not act to protect young girls is appalling,” he said. “What Americans are seeing here is the poisoned fruit of so-called ‘non-discrimination’ laws and policies.”

Placing this man’s proclivities ahead of protecting little girls is beyond unacceptable, Hacker said.

A spokesman for the college did not return calls seeking comment.

Hacker said the college could be held liable for damages if any of the young girls is harmed by the transgendered individual.

“Clearly, allowing a person who is biologically a man to undress and expose himself to young girls places those girls at risk for emotional distress and harm,” he wrote in a letter to the college. “Any reasonable person would view this as dangerous to the young girls involved. The fact that this individual was sitting in plain view of young girls changing into their swimsuits puts you and Evergreen on notice of possible future harm.”



Kind of suspected something like this would come out sooner or later. It all goes back to social engineering.

As I stated before, the agenda is the old Communist plan to feminize men and masculinize women.


Now, this does not mean that this will occur to all people…I feel quite certain many will remain heterosexual.

However, even if 90+% of the population remains heterosexual, that’s not the issue. What happens is that the social engineering is engaged and ramped up…that “sexuality”..again….. becomes a divide and conquer weapon.

This transgender person appears to wish to force the issue….versus perhaps using  a little common sense and discretion and being aware of the sensitivities of others. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were set up by outside interests to be an agent- provocateur. The powers that be are so neutralized by indecision and the latest Social Engineering “flavour of the day” dogma definitions, they won’t intervene and stop a party with male genitalia from being present in what is traditionally a gender segregated situation.


This ends up to a classic case of tyranny by the minority.The line of what is true discrimination is blurred where the rights  of ANY defined “minority” trump any others. If this person wants to surround themselves with willing female company they can do it on none PUBLIC PROPERTY.

As per usual, an incident occurred, a wedge has been created. Even if this was a “one of” incident, and the authorities are on the side of parents, rest assured some Civil Liberties groups will take this case and attempt another quasi ” Roe versus Wade ” and try to establish  a precedent. In the end, given the way society is going, the white flag may be waved by Gov’t , thus you may very well see males in the same changing room as young girls. What now happens is the Gov’t has been co-opted, and the majority of the citizens are  forced into silence via “Hate Crime laws”, aka if you speak up and protest….you could be charged.

This is  simply another in a long list of examples of how this sort of social- engineering works. Its all about erasing lines,  borders, cultural and societal norms social structure , and using people as “useful idiots”  to act as soldiers for this agenda, who are fooled into thinking this is is a liberation front ,as the noose is slowly place over all our  necks.

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