Interview I noted earlier today:

Interview I noted earlier  today

Truth Militia Radio with John Friend 2012.12.24

Daryl Bradford Smith, long time anti-Zionist crusader and radio host, joins us for what will surely be an interesting discussion.  
I woke up to the Jew World Order big time thanks to Daryl’s website and his radio broadcasts.  
We’ll be talking about the history of Daryl’s website, some of the important books and documents posted there, the history of the Federal Reserve and Jewish-controlled private central banking systems, and related matters. 
In some ways this is amusing. As you well know, I research these issues a lot. There are many of Jewish background that oppose Zionism and how its tentacles affect 99.99% of the worlds population. 
I , and many others, am of the view that we find it far more appropriate to cite and quote these Anti- Zionist Jewish parties, as they are far more well  – versed as they are insiders and have been immersed in it…….. and yet choose NOT to be a part of it .Kudos to them !!!
I am even hearing that many of the Faux Chosen are upset when even their own kind are quoted by us Goyim and still consider it “anti – semitic” or ” hate – speech” ? WTF?  
All I can say is that it is NOT anti semitic if  the truth is the TRUTH, and those that wish to censor the truth and free speech and objective dialogue are Elitists who simply fear the Great Goyim Awakening.
They want their  puppetts, our traitorous and treacherous politicians and legal system, paid for by WE the CITIZENS  ……to blindly attack members of  the General Public who are on to them with  bogus subjective charges aka ” thought crimes “.  
They fear OPEN and PUBLIC scrutiny but should crawl back under the rocks they came from and STFU. Hundreds of Millions have died due to these LIARS.
As I submitted earlier, this is an excellent interview. I have been UNlearning  for several years, and this interview would have greatly assisted me as a 101 course, but no regrets. 
I still highly recommend this interview.
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