Later Today…another great Interview ” How to start down the Rabbit Hole “

Later Today…another great Interview ” How to start down the Rabbit Hole  “

I listened to an interview today…..and to be blunt,…. this is one I have been  waiting for  a long time !

When one has most of the puzzle pieces, one can determine the big picture. However, one is even more intrigued by the details ie smaller pieces as they come available.

This interview discusses how the Guest, one of the forerunners re the 9-11 investigation….had his OWN major epiphany on who really runs the show and has for centuries. It is very similar to my own epiphany. He is,or was,  a Financial Expert, who lectured on the topic and had a later in life epiphany that what he was doing was all bullshit.

In my own way of UNlearning, I compare what I was taught ,…or lead to believe in the past, with what I have learned now. Then compare which one is holding up  to deeper scrutiny. Go in with an open mind and be fair and objective. What I am finding is the bullshit is drying up quickly and exiting. You see the big picture…its consistent, what you read, hear and see has been repeated enough times that it builds a rock solid foundation. It, my recent epiphany,  can’t be a conspiracy, that everyone would be on the same page of lies is IMPOSSIBLE. If they were lies they would be outed…but who they expose would rather the masses of humanity not be aroused, so they keep quiet about it.

One of the great lies re 9-11 for that “Conspiracy dismissers” laugh and say that Gov’t is too incompetent to keep a secret….there would be too many loose lips. …etc .etc..

Actually that’s not true. Gov’t have classically covered their asses ie all bases…with various tried and true techniques.  They will have the case solved very quickly with “what happened” and do kangaroo  – court bogus investigations.

Objectivity and true analysis is a long ,at time overwhelming and often painful process,  but it always wins re either the TRUTH, or no evidence to the contrary. However it is also up against the lies and the bullshit and a major UNlearning process. What we have been lead to believe about much of history collapses under higher scrutiny and the sheer volume of opposing evidence.

This interview should set you in the right direction, aim you in the right rabbit holes…and it may be adviseable to send the link to others.  Even a more liberal minded person would admit this interview  is fair -minded and objective.It covers much of what I have come to conclude, as well as some others facts I wasn’t aware of. later today

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