Sigmund Freud’s Subversion Of Christian Culture

Freud’s Jewish Subversion Of Christian Culture

Freud’s Jewish Subversion Of Christian Culture

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2007-2012

 SIGMUND FREUD is yet another example of the Jewish agenda to destroy Christian culture.

Freud’s writings were informed by his strong sense of Jewish identity and his negative bias against Christian culture which he viewed as the source of Anti-Semitism.

But Jews have perceived “Anti-Semitism” to exist in all of the host nations that have received them since their act of Deicide in 33 A.D. regardless of their religious world-view.

Freud’s “psychoanalysis” is pejoratively known as the “Jewish Science.” It was rightly destroyed in Germany, Italy, and Austria, but lamentably, exiled throughout the rest of the world, including Christian America. The vanguard of the movement has remained to this day predominantly Jewish as it was from its very inception.

Ever since the Enlightenment when Jews began to appear out of the ghetto, (would that they had remained there!), Jewish intellectual activity has been hell-bent on subverting Christian culture. (”They are enemies of the Cross, ” St. Paul asserted.)

Indeed, it was Freud’s own view that psychoanalysis should appear both shocking and subversive. On board ship to America, the Jew Freud did not feel he was bringing America a new panacea. With his wretched Jewish wit he told his travelling companion, “We are bringing America the plague.”

FREUD’S BOOKS WERE BURNED (and rightly so) in the May 1933 book burnings in Germany.

There was a general perception amongst Germans that Jewish intellectuals were subverting German culture and psychoanalysis was one aspect of this concern. A great deal of hostility to psychoanalysis centered on Freud’s advocacy of masturbation and pre-marital sex. Freud’s Jewish disciple, the German born Alfred Adler, advocated “bisexuality” as a means of integrating and healing childhood conflicts.

Carl Christian Clemen, a professor of ethnology at the University of Bonn, reacted strongly to Freud’s Anti-Christian book, The Future of an Illusion, in which Freud analyzed religious beliefs, (Christianity was Germany’s “religious belief!”), in terms of infantile needs and what Freud designated as the “Oedipus Complex,” a male child’s desire to murder his father in vying for the sexual attention of his mother.

Clemen decried the psychoanalytic tendency to find sex everywhere, even in the innocent mind of a little child, a tendency which he attributed to the Jewish composition of the movement.

Freud defined himself as “a fanatical Jew,” an avowed “Zionist,” who identified himself with the elitist Jewish social grouping in that unique cause of “doing battle against the enemies of the Jews.” But the true enemy of Christian culture and especially in America is Freud and his continuing apostolic succession of Jewish “social scientists.”

THE JEW FREUD had wrought his Anti Christian wreckage in America by the fourth decade of 20th Century U.S. history.

It is a shame that America allowed this miserable Christ-killer Freud to enter our shores. In 1956, a Christian psychiatrist writing in The American Journal of Psychiatry complained, “Is it possible that we are developing the equivalent of a secular church? A secular church supported by government monies, staffed by a genital-obsessed apostolate, dispensing a broth of atheism, hedonism, and perversion?” (See History of the Jews; Johnson)

JEWS LIKE FREUD are our misfortune. Is there a final solution this Jewish menace? Yes there is.

Jews must become Christians. There is not to be any tolerance towards the Jews for they will not reciprocate in kind, as history and current events prove. Jews are obsessed with sex, perversion, and the promotion of the same. Can we not see this in the Jewish-owned Hollywood, Television, and Madison Avenue advertising?

We must insist on the end of Judaism as a racist idea and be relentless in converting them to the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ. Then we must teach these renegades how to become good and decent Christians.



NOTE : The author of this piece is Brother Nathanael Kapner, an ex Orthodox Jew who converted to Christianity. I posted this article to supplement the Mike Sledge Interview

Usually one of the first things either said or thought of when bringing up topics such as this that the aim is to be anti- semetic. No , its not. This would be submitted if any other defineable group had such overwhelming evidence as being at the forefront of various effects/impacts on society, especially if their numbers were disproportional to the rest of society.


I try not to bear ill – will to any individuals….my concern is when their belief systems “cross a line” that has both short term and long term impacts on me and my fellow man.  To be blunt, I  have always had these thoughts and question in the back of my mind… “something” is going on in society…. in my 50+ years I have seen a lot of change…and not for the better… but couldn’t put your finger on it.

This is a HUGE topic, but suffice it to say this goes back 100’s of years, where the leadership informed their tribesmen to infiltrate what I often refer to as the chokepoints in society….ie the professions, such as law ,medicine, politics , even infiltrate other religions via fake conversions.

I recall sitting through a Psychology Class at University and the Prof even admitted his embarrassment at discussing Freuds’ sex and genital -based theories. Even back then I thought  it was all  F*cking bullshit.

Their religious text is volumes, like an encyclopedia set. It ‘s main dogma is that what exists in society is THEM and then US, the Goyim, the 99.9% whether we be White Black, Asian.etc. From that dogma comes how the 99.99 % can be treated by the .01% , whereas as most other religions guide their followers more or less by a few basic and mostly positive rules, and membership is optional.

What I am realizing  is this dogma is not only beginning to overwhelm us all, it is being imposed on us and a variety of ways. It affects all people , including those with religious beliefs or atheists.


How many knew that Freud got has ass- kicked out of Europe… sovereign nations with deeply rooted cultures who saw his BS as a danger. However, more evidence that the US had been undermined for decades and welcoming of Freuds types…if you recall the revolutionaries for the NYC Bankers- funded Bolshevik revolution were harboured and trained in the US . Then, Freud comes to the U.S. to spread his intellectualized  “porn”, which then incubated amongst more whacko intellects, like the Kinsey (fraudulent) sex research…and later into the 1960’s sexual revolution, feminism etc…to modern times where almost anything goes.


In 1956, a Christian psychiatrist writing in The American Journal of Psychiatry complained, “Is it possible that we are developing the equivalent of a secular church? A secular church supported by government monies, staffed by a genital-obsessed apostolate, dispensing a broth of atheism, hedonism, and perversion?”

See, this warning was sounded almost 60 years ago. IMHO, more evidence that following this road is meant and designed to be disaster, they know it, thats why it is pushed in society. It is about CONTROL….do YOU have control over YOU,…… or have you lost control and becoming a slave , addict, weakened non resistant etc., then YOU are subject to  being controlled by OTHERS.

Hence forewarned is forearmed.

If you think this is science fiction…simply do your own homework. See, I don’t impose my beliefs on others nor try any underhanded ,backroom, backdoor shenanigans based on a centuries old masterplan . I like to think that my upbringing and belief system had my mental and spiritual compass tuned in long ago and thus avoided much of this societal poison.

I simply think that there are many others out there trying to connect the dots, and I was like that too. Now, I think I am starting to see the big picture, solving the big puzzle.. and feel a duty and obligation to share and assist others on this same path.


Hope it helps.

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