Mike Sledge: Deconstructions Live – Faux Chosen Creation of Psychiatry and Psychology etc.

Mike Sledge: Deconstructions Live – Faux Chosen  Creation of Psychiatry and Psychology etc. 

On board ship to America, the Sigmund Freud did not feel he was bringing America a new panacea.
With his wretched  wit he told his travelling companion, “We are bringing America the plague.”
Sunday, November 25, 2012
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Tonight on the Deconstruction we take a look at the history of Talmudic psychology, psychiatry, and sociology, and how it relates to international Bolshevism and the permanent culture revolution and breakdown of male and female relations in America.

Deconstructions Live 2012.11.25

Having a boring Sunday? Well…tune into Deconstructions Live for some info, conversation, and some laughs. One more beer and Mike Sledge will take on the whole establishment single-handedly. He will bring down the hammer on shills, media propaganda, and even himself. So join the Deconstruction and get hammered with Mike Sledge!

On Today’s show: Faux Chosen control of Psychiatry, women’s lib and more.
If you’re expecting silly jokes this show is not for you.


Mike’ Site

Naomi Wolf Quote: (2005 Hebe Magazine)
” Feminim and Judasim go together like Courtney Love and hitting people with microphones while screaming in a drug addled spittle  flecked  nipple revealed manner.
We have a political history going back to the socialist and labor movement where women were organizers and rabble rousers “.


Prejudice and discrimination is often based on self imposed ignorance.
IMHO, the vast majority of the world’s population are different yet equal.This same majority simply wishes to live their lives as they see fit.
They really don’t bear any ill will to their “neighbours” and vice- versa…. unless of course one neighbour has shown that they consider the OTHER neighbour the enemy and will have a literal and figurative “mission statement ” to undermine their best interests, and consider them inferior right off the bat .
This is what I am starting to realize…certain define-able groups have impacted society in several ways with their SUPREMACIST belief system, which in essence does not consider 99.99 % of the world human, but their cattle and slaves. They feel they have the right to impose their religious beliefs on us 99.99% in all sorts of pro-active treacherous ways, (ie NOAHIDE LAWS) …….yet these same types are the first to complain about Christmas being celebrated.
Mike Sledge is another great Internet radio show. He does get a bit into the “off colour” language, but this was one excellent broadcast.
I will follow this up with another post on this “Junk Science” topic tomorrow.
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