Later today…..Mike Sledge discussion about the Western Mind Voodoo of Pyschiatry, Psychology and Sociology

Later today…..Mike Sledge discussion about the Western Mind Voodoo of Pyschiatry, Psychology and Sociology

I will provide links to this later today.

I uncovered a  video which may be one venue to absorb the discussion. Someone has taken the time to add photos at certain points to remind us the KEY players in this. I will also provide other links to the audio.

To be very blunt, I have always had suspicions about these so called professions, and moreso now, as I have discussed such things a psychotropic drugs.

In essence you can spin any subjective Bullshit , create enough believers….and end up making it a Doctoral designation  at some University….aka another F*cking “Know- it -All” expert.

It should be clear that one main theme that  resonates in my post is that people need to be ” STRONG individuals”…and within a community,  and not to let  others gain control of the aforementioned .

I recall several years ago when a bus full of seniors crashed in Eastern Canada, and many unfortunately perished.

A clergyman was at the scene, and there were various others parties at the scene such as psychologists, social workers,etc.etc. He voiced his dismay saying that those impacted by this tragedy needed to build up there inner strength, find their own way through lifes ups and downs….not use others as a crutch.

This is what I am seeing morseo…thse practioners of Western Mind Voodoo may not only do harm, it may be intentional.

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