Actually, the decline began under President George W. Bush. For 20 years the U.S. had consistently ranked as one of the world’s three freest economies, along with Hong Kong and Singapore. By the end of the Bush presidency, we were barely in the top ten.

And, as with so many disastrous legacies of the Bush era, Barack Obama took a bad thing and made it worse.

COMMENT :  Various (free)trade agreements and  other manipulations have hollowed out the Western economy. In essence, the aim is to starve out the middle- class “majority” and create a (2) class system. This plan was never meant to assist other countries like Mainland China…and raise their standard of living…it was the exact starve the West so that a collapse into the arms of COMMUNISM was inevitable.

Also..remember even U.S President FDR stated:                ” Presidents are NOT elected..they are selected”.

Don’t think that there is “no connection” between Bush and Obama, or anyone before, after or in – between.

But the American government has shredded the constitution, by subjecting us to indefinite detention, taking away our due process rights, deploying drones above our heads, spying on all Americans, and otherwise attacking our freedoms.

Indeed, rights won in 1215 – in the Magna Carta – are being repealed.

Economic historian Niall Ferguson notes, draconian national security laws are one of the main things undermining the rule of law:

We must pose the familiar question about how far our civil liberties have been eroded by the national security state – a process that in fact dates back almost a hundred years to the outbreak of the First World War and the passage of the 1914 Defence of the Realm Act. Recent debates about the protracted detention of terrorist suspects are in no way new. Somehow it’s always a choice between habeas corpus and hundreds of corpses.

Of course, many of this decades’ national security measures have not been taken to keep us safe in the “post-9/11 world” … indeed, many of them started before 9/11.

COMMENT : Same old Bullshit. REAL history shows that most wars are rigged to occur..the Average Citizen in country “X” has no real grudge against Average Citizen in Country”Y”.  What happens is the Public gets tired of War “X”… the Vietnam War. However, as one war ends….a new one is in the works….then the BULLSHIT flies to create a new enemy. Same backroom shit ….different pile. NOTE: The Cold War was meant to fill the boogeyman gap post WW2.  

In fact, many Wars were prolonged by the “Victors” before certain agendas were fulfilled. EXAMPLE : Japan was ready to surrender several months before the Atomic Bombs were dropped….,but U.S. President Truman was lobbied to prolong the war so that these atomic bombs could be ” tested” on civilian populations.

And America has been in a continuous declared state of national emergency since 9/11, and we are in a literally never-ending state of perpetual war. See this, this, this and this.

In fact, government has blown terrorism fears way out of proportion for political purposes, and “national security” powers have been used in many ways to exempt big Wall Street players from the rule of law rather than to do anything to protect us.

So lawlessness infringement of our liberty is destroying our prosperity.

COMMENT : Again, the aim is not much different than a drug dealer. It is ultimately about control and enslavement. Create an addiction…then the victim has lost all control and has surrendered it to others. The Middle Class has always been a threat, hence the goal was to addict them ,…then weaken them and take them D-O-W-N.

Lawless Initiation and Prosecution of War
It is well-documented that war destroys the economy.

Top U.S. government employees lied us into war, and used illegal torture, assassinations and other crimes of war in prosecuting the wars they unnecessarily started. They were – at a minimum – criminally negligent for failing to stop 9/11 (and see this).

In the name of fighting our enemies – the U.S. has directly been supporting Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups for the last decade. See this, this, this, this and this.

Our use of torture has also created many more terrorists than it has prevented.

COMMENT :   People are detained and tortured at sheer whims and held in captivity without evidence or trial, merely on suspicion, by countries who proclaim to be ” democratic ” and supporters of human rights.

Security experts – including both conservatives and liberals – agree that waging war in the Middle East weakens national security and increases terrorism. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

Indefinite detention, drone-strikes on innocent civilians, occupation of foreign countries, and most of America’s other tactics in the “war on terror” increase terrorism.

Terrorism feeds the cycle of war … and is thus harming our economy. (And because terrorism spooks people, they spend less, which further harms the economy).

So lawlessness in starting and prosecuting war is destroying our prosperity.

Postscript: We’re not facing a “fiscal cliff”. We’re facing a descent into lawlessness. Stopping the fraudulent schemes, endless bailouts and imperial adventures is the place to start.


Think about the importance of blood circulating through a body. Think about what would happen if the current financial system ” froze ” for whatever reason. People would stock up on necessities….supermarket shelves would be bare…how much food would the average person have ? People would get desperate…mobs would organize and loot homes. It is every person for themselves. Sheer chaos ,panic and anarchy !

War has always been  a multi – edged distraction. MORE lives are lost fighting imaginary boogeymen, and the civilians are bilked to pay for the war industry via money borrowed by politicians on their behalf without the citizens permission. ie Post 9-11, after being committed to a scam war…the citizens were given the worst drug imagineable  ” Cheap Credit “, ….another orgy of self -surrendering self – indulgence…..not pay attention to the rope being placed around their necks….so that they would inch ever closer to the “Fiscal Cliff”.

War is extremely profitable, Rothschilds figured that out 100’s of years ago. You fund both sides…classic double -dip….the loser is raped and pillaged…the Victor taxes its own citizens. Then there are major UNtendered contracts awarded to rebuild what was destroyed /damaged .  Many of the “free world” politicians, such as George Bush and Tony Blair .. are certifiably guilty of war crimes, but remain free and Uncharged…simply a middle finger to us all.

There IS a solution….but it will get very ugly before it gets better. Then again , it is simply taking back what was stolen via lies and deception. If we realize that we are being lead by CERTIFIABLE Psychopaths and Sociopaths…that’s a crucial first step.

P.S. I heard a very apropos saying recently…” It is better to live ONE day as a LION….. than live 100 years as a “sheep”

What’s Y-O-U-R choice…???

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