Dr. Ann B. Tracy;The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging;Guns are not the problem, antidepressants are.

Dr. Ann B. Tracy;The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging;Guns are not the problem, antidepressants are.

Spingola Speaks 2012.12.26



Fascinating interview.
What is presented is important information..at minimum “food for thought” for potential Parents right up to Seniors.
I have already stated my opinion on Vaccines and other drugs, most of which are meant for ” Below the neck ” aka physical ailments.
The interview was not a Pro Gun debate…but Dr Tracy has done a lot of research into psychotropic drugs aka drugs that affect the brain…..and the  huge NEGATIVE impact they are having on society.
One part of the interview that stood out was that in one case of a police DUI roadblock, over 100 cars were pulled over under suspicion of dUI…and only (2) blew positive for alcohol…the rest were under some anti -depressant medication.
These drugs can turn you into an alcoholic….ie Mormons, which do not drink alcohol..BUT turn into alcoholics after taking these  drugs.
These drugs can inherently make you a drug addict  a customer for life.
Children of parents taking these drugs are born with defects.
What RITALIN really  is  and what it is doing to children
As I stated in a previous post..there is NO evidence that these psychotropic drugs  work in a positive sense…its all junk science….. but lots of evidence of the unbelievable amount of negative effects they have on people both mentally and physically.
Every minute of this interview is a MUST LISTEN.
These drugs are, IMHO …..PURE PILL POPPING EVIL..which further indicts the health care professions.
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