B.C. teacher suspended after showing risque Christmas video to Grade 4 class


B.C. teacher suspended after showing risque Christmas video to Grade 4 class


CTVNews Video

Published Thursday, Dec. 20 2012, 11:25 AM EST

Last updated Thursday, Dec. 20 2012, 11:31 AM EST

A Vancouver Island teacher has been suspended after he played a ‘sexually charged’ Christmas video to his class. The video was meant to raise awareness about sexual diversity and to prompt discussion on transgenderism.

Here are Comments by others
I had to view this video several times….”to get it”.
Now that I get it, I am quite disgusted.
I have read comments by others ( see link above ) and most have the same view. Highly inappropriate to show to Grade 4 students.
We are moving from Hetero to Gay now to Transgender options being presented to young impressionable minds.
I’d almost bet if it was a hetero person doing the same video with gorgeous playboy models, that teacher would be fired.
On the basis of where society is going, this teacher won’t be fired, but given a slap on wrist and mainly because the Publically Funded School System is so indoctrinated with Political Correctness it fears sending any message….hence tyranny by the minority. If they did  you can BET Cultural Marxists will come out of the woodwork and stage protests and in obscene costumes.  I would not be surprised if the teacher was acting as an agent for a bigger group..to see how far they can push the societal envelope. Also, why is it almost always so sexualized, is their agenda showing ?. Why don’t they ever try to present themselves as a  traditional couple…..the message sent is extremely confusing. Who knows how a Grade 4 student, approx. 9-10 years old….will be impacted….will it have them so confused in last pre puberty years that they think they are transgender ?
The point is, they are winning, because they know general citizen  will not challenge them, bullied into silence= acceptance and the system will not only NOT prosecute them…it may even protect and fund them.
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