SHADOW OF HERMES ( My Notes: Part 2 )

SHADOW OF HERMES ( My Notes: Part 2 )
FROM Part 1 : End of the 15 Minute mark of Documentary
We see the Masonic symbol roots, or curious coincidence of resemblance to another religion
Keep in mind….many will say ” I know people that belong to this group etc etc…and are great people upstanding citizens… etc. etc.” Yes they probably are…but they are the lower level rank and file….We have seen several US Presidents that were Masons…as are  many world leaders….and one will also note they were at the upper echelons ie 33rd degree Masons. You get promoted if you follow THEIR rules, it is a recruiting and cherry – picking process to screen the talent for this Shadow Gov’t to which your TRUE loyalties are .
You will also see a lot of design and architecture in their buildings reminiscent of ancient civilizations. This is not your imagination…much of this is rooted in ancient pagan cultures…” Babylon” is often referred to.
As the Lina documentary moves on….we see that the Russian Gov’t was targetted by the elite capitalists, and Russia was attacked by Japan which acted as the proxy invader and the weapons supplier to the Revolutionaries.
NYC Banker Jacob Schiff acted as the Banksters Godfather to fund the revolutionaries and starve sovereign Russia of any such reciprocal funds
We see that  the revolutionaries are claiming to support the workers/ working class…or, more like the Trojan Horse…people let their guard down , and then all hell broke loose when the revolutionaries true agenda was triggered…to create terror and chaos and from the ashes attempt to take control. We see this same strategy in modern times, ie Middle East.
The Tsar took charge and appointed Peter Stolypin as a Gov’t Prime Minister in 1906 and declare Martial Law to restore order after  the 1905 revolts
The revolutionaries fled back to the US which gave them sanctuary (Note this not curious..wouldn’t the US Gov’t have feared these approx. 35,000 revolutionaries may create a bloody revolt in the US…or again..more evidence who control the U.S.the bankers. Also note the US Federal Reserve was not created yet (1913)
As is a classic tactic by these parties, even to this present day….they firebomb their enemies homes. They “may” kill their target but the main objective  is to create fear, the old sanctity and safety of  ones home is no more, so what is left?
Stolypin worked strategically, engaging  in numerous reforms.  They may have been long overdue, or perhaps to win the people over from the revolutionaries.., but regardless the entire Russian system was being overhauled. From 1907 to 1914 the country was modernized and prospered economically ….even the peasant class, which via the reforms produced much of the world food supply.
This is a CRUCIAL point….Russia fought off a revolt, it was perceived as weak and vulnerable by the Communists and their Capitalist sponsors. Their Goal was to subject Russia to control of the Global Capitalist – Communist alliance……again opposite sides of the SAME coin.
Within 7 years after a coup attempt, Russia had radically transformed itself into an economic powerhouse and in control of its own destiny.
This is exactly what the Banksters and their Masonic Brothers fear and detest , a feeling of impotence and lack of control…..and even worse, any nation or country that can be an example to others of  how to achieve sovereign rule, retention of culture, and protect its citizens best and better interests.
If you understand this……then you will begin to understand the keys to understanding the main threads of HISTORY versus propoganda
( To be Continued )
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