Interesting anecdotes from Family gathering:

Interesting anecdotes from Family gathering:

Had a family get together last week….and chatted with my nephew who lives in Ridge Meadows area

Garbage Collection :    

I had mentioned what a ripoff I find Garbage Collection , and asked him what he was paying at his SFH.

He said he doesn’t have any City – run garbage pickup.  I said ” Huh ” ?  He said they have an option to hire a private contractor at  a rate of approx. $10 per week. He said his City has a pretty good recycling set up and he has no need to have curbside pickup, his City leaves it up to the individual. 

Given what I foresee is an insane policy, whereby they, Metro Vancouver , state recycling is very successful but landfills are losing revenue due to reduced volumes…so they will raise fees….and thus charge us more on our Utility bill…..F*CK THEM. ( My nephew also said that newspapers are not recycled…the recycling facility closed down, hence they go straight into the landfill ).  What I will do, is simply build up my recyclables say…say (2) months supply…and take them to the City Works yard which has large containers to accept these. More people should try this strategy and tell Metro to F*ck Off.

Avoiding Bridge Tolls

Where my nephew works, he notices a daily routine in the parking lot. An elderly gentleman pulls in, removes his license plates and drives over the new Toll bridge..aka..this person was avoiding tolls , given the toll system is based on recording license plates  and then billing the registered owner. However, we discussed this person (and likely others are doing this as well) will get noticed as a serial toll evader, targetted and get caught. 

Police Technology

 While at work, a police officer entered the business , described a certain vehicle parked on the road, and asked if the vehicles owner was on the premises.  The owner, a customer said yes that was his vehicle. The officer said that his insurance had expired and he could not allow the owner to drive away….so the owner had to call his wife and get a ride to acquire the proper insurance. What was even MORE interesting was that the officer had new technology that reads license plates as he is driving. Whether the police car is parked or driving, it can scan and read license plates at amazing speed  and instantly bring up whether the vehicle is stolen, insurance expired…or any other red flags. I had heard about this technology, but had no idea it was actually being used. Clearly it is.

Other than that a very nice Family get- together…

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