Connecticut doesn’t have shit on Chicago when it comes to school children killing and maiming

Connecticut doesn’t have shit on Chicago when it comes to school children killing and maiming

62 School Age Children Murdered in Chicago So Far This Year

18 YEARS OLD- 15
17 YEARS OLD- 16
16 YEARS OLD- 16
446 School Age Children Shot in Chicago so Far This Year
18 year old- 110
17 year old- 99
16 year old- 89
15 year old- 62
14 year old- 39
13 year old- 21
12 year old- 10
11 year old- 2
10 year old- 3
9 year old- 1
7 year old- 3
6 year old- 2
5 year old- 1
4 year old- 1
3 year old- 1
1 year old- 2
UPDATE: For those asking for a “source”, obtaining the source or proof you require will take some work on your part, but I’ll point you in the right direction. First on the right hand side of this blog you will find two links, one is “A MURDER” the other is “A SHOOTING”.
You can click on them and find the ones involving children and if you don’t trust CIC you can Google each heading for proof.
UPDATE: 3 more school age children shot in Chicago over the past day.
Total school age children shot in Chicago now stands at 449
I prefer not to get into this DON’T BAN GUNS or  BAN GUNS  argument …..per se.
However, the numbers quoted above are incredible and tragic.
Chicago has ….or had ….. Gun control
Illinois Concealed Carry Ban Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Appellate Court
Gun-rights advocates claimed a major victory on Tuesday when a federal appeals court in Illinois struck down the state’s ban on carrying concealed firearms, in a ruling that may have national repercussions if appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.Before the 2-1 ruling, Illinois stood as the last state in the country maintaining an absolute prohibition on the carrying of concealed firearms by private citizens. The majority opinion, by Richard A. Posner of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, found the ban on concealed weapons was unconstitutional under a 2008 Supreme Court decision overturning a sweeping handgun ban by the District of Columbia.The Supreme Court’s decision in 2008 firmly established a constitutional right to armed self-defense under the Second Amendment, Posner wrote.“A right to bear arms thus implies a right to carry a loaded gun outside the home,” he wrote.The law banning concealed weapons was challenged in 2009 by gun rights groups suing on behalf of an Illinois woman violently attacked while volunteering at her church. The suit was funded by the National Rifle Association.“Today’s ruling is a victory for all law-abiding citizens in Illinois and gun owners throughout the country,” said Wayne LaPierre, the NRA executive vice president.The ruling gives the state 180 days to craft a law regulating the carrying of weapons. Many states, like New York and California, severely restrict the issuance of concealed carry permits. Other states, particularly in the West, have virtually no restrictions on such permits.

 As I noted…Gun Control is more a symbol…a shallow subjective label used by Politicians to divide and conquer.  ie Guns ( and Gun Owners are BAD….thus Gun control is GOOD  ).

The Gov’ts wish is  to cater to the ill- informed kneejerk types that do not do any research on the issue, but base decisions on stereotypes. The Gov’t is slowly but surely grooming these people to be lifelong supporters to trust Gov’t to help and save them from the latest boogeyman.

Now there is constant discussion that where people are allowed to carry concealed weapons, crime drops…I don’t know if it is because the criminals fear this and thus resist temptation to commit crimes…or that gun control triggers some primal response to do something illegal.  States we perceive as liberal have stricter gun controls, but again have some of the biggest social problems. I reverse the diagnosis, gun control is the sign of a dying Governance model that is using band- aids to cover up its own incompetence.

Or using another example….take Abortion. It is promoted as  a crucial facet to “liberate” women, and anyone opposed is an enslaver of women.  You will never hear a politican discuss that abortions are allowed even post birth..aka after birth the baby can be left to die….or organs harvested….fetal cells in vaccines….majority of abortions are by black mothers….emotional scars….greater increase in cancer. etc. That’s the issue, again, take a complex issue  and turn it into a black and white kneejerk demonization and solution ….. typical Hegalian Dialectic.

Back to Chicago….we are talking children be shot dead….and several hundred shot …….not even the adult numbers. One has to dig to find this… a City which has gun control. It gets to be a joke that the LEAST Safe cities are the ones with gun control. However, the Gov’ts solution is to never admit failure, but pour more gas on the fire….aka MORE useless laws.


Ask yourself….do YOU…. or CAN YOU ….” trust ” Gov’t or has Gov’t given you reason to trust it ?   

As the saying goes…One would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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