SHADOW OF HERMES ( My Notes: Part 1 )

SHADOW OF HERMES ( My Notes: Part 1 )

— The mythology of Hermes is explained
— Hermes is adopted as a “mascot” symbol by various ” brotherhood ” organizations
—Jan. 13, 1917 , in NYC, an international revolutionary named Leiba Bronstein..aka ” Leon Trotsky” and family land in NYC , after having left Spain on DEC. 25, 1916.
—Comrade Trotsky travelled 1st call….not “3rd class as claimed” …hmm first warning sign of a hypocrite ….aka reality versus public persona
— Trotsky’s Masonic brother (or should we say TRIBESMAN) Wealthy New York Banker Jacob Schiff ..who had financed and trained 10,000 international revolutionaries from Russia in the USA ?
— Their goal was to overthrow the Russian Gov’t…failed in first attempt in 1905.
— Trotsky seeks assistance to try again.
— Schiff covers the costs of Communist Trotskys high- end “Bourgoisie” digs and chauffer driven limousine
— Trotsky hangs out with his Faux Chosen Revolutionary kinsmen in NYC….
— As is typical….they all  take advantage of the freedoms accorded them in their host country, the US , and promote revolution in a foreign land..WHY? becuause they can…no real rational reason given.
— Trotsky joins a French masonic lodge….interesting.(Recall the French Revolution…which preached liberty brotherhood etc. under a socialist “utopian” umbrella…but ended up a bloodbath. Foreshadowing for Russia ?
—  Meets Comrade Lenin…..Churchill is noted, and he was aware of what was going on and even wrote papers on the Faux Chosen threat…only to do a 180 degree later and become a treacherous murderous pig himself .( FYI Churchill has Faux Chosen blood……GOOGLE it)
— Trotsky chose Freemasonry ?  I would argue as many others have , as stated before, Freemasonry is rooted in an ancient religion of which Trotsky would be a member of.  Take note of the less than subtle clues interspersed in this video of what is the real tail wagging the dog.
— He makes inferences to the roots of Freemasonry, its early members and the group ideology of the need for constant revolution. The implication is that a powerful  elite underbelly exists globally which had decided to create a strongly bonded brotherhood to become a shadow Gov’t….and would resort to any/all means to BE either the puppetmaster behind the scenes, or overthrow those Gov’ts they couldn’t control.
— Other inferences are the  quasi – religious, cult – like overtones and rituals.
— Ornate imposing buildings of the elite group…which are designed to be a subliminal message of power…
— Statue of Liberty? As usual there is a public perception of its intent, which hides the ” insiders joke ” of what it really signifies. These parties are very heavily into occultism – symbolism.
Greek Mythology: Hermes became the god of thieves and impostors, orators and to Hell.etc….His worshippers/followers  will resort to ideological and political traps imposed on others in order to achieve power and fortune.
The rich and powerful have a “religious” detest for any truly democratic and grassroots representative form of Gov’t or Sovereign Nations.
The last thing these Elitists  want is for the average citizen to have any say, let alone true power. What we see is a mirage…we don’t see the Wizards behind the curtain. In their view….WE exist to serve THEM ( does this sound like a certain religion ? )
Duly note the Communist Trotsky (Bronstein) and Capitalist Jacob Schiff…allied in this Russian Gov’t overthrow. Strange bedfellows? not at all….as I said, (2) sides of the S-A-M-E  coin. Again, keep this theme in mind.
Duly note as a ” Tally “….The French Empire went down in Flames aka French Revolution…the US had a Civil War (I have discussed these previously)…  Russia was the NEXT target.
End of the 15 Minute mark of Documentary
( To Be Continued )
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