BC Hydro hasn’t decided consequences for customers refusing Smart Meters

BC Hydro hasn’t decided consequences for customers refusing Smart Meters

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The installation of BC Hydro’s Smart Meters is wrapping up, but it seems people who keep refusing a meter may not have to face consequences for continually saying no.

Cindy Verschoor with the Smart Metering Program says Hydro will to work with customers who refuse meter installation by answering their questions and addressing concerns.

The program is set to wrap up at the end of the year, but Vershoor says they haven’t decided on consequences if customers still refuse to make the switch.

“There’s no decision that’s been made on sort of what will happen after that date so I can’t really provide any details on that.”

Verschoor says right now, about 4 percent of the Province’s  1.85 million customers are on a delay list for installation — some because they don’t want a meter, others for reasons like difficult access to their existing meter.



I sent an e-mail today (Dec. 20) to my MLA and cc’d the Premier on this topic ( I will post it later).

4% refused Smart Meters?  …..is 1 in 25.

That may seem small but is still fairly significant ( remember my premise of a motivated 3% of a given group has historically enacted change ).

On the legal front…..the Clean Energy Act stated the Smart Meter installation was to be completed by DEC 31 2012..ie in 11 days.


Is BC Hydro “breaking the law” by not doing this…or has the Gov’t got the message and informed BC Hydro and Corix to back off , at least for now.

Or, given they have not pursued this, can those with Smart Meters request analogs, in the spirit of fair and equal treatment?

Remain vigilant.  What I foresee is a massive protest if BC Hydro pursues this further..ie a lot of horror stories coming out ASAP from people if BC Hydro and Corix defy the “NO SMART METER ” demand by property owners, this could get very volatile. We can envision numerous scenarios if they attempt to install Smart Meters  on the 4 % Holdouts. I know that I will call the RCMP etc.


 However,this is what happens when people get educated and don’t swallow the Gov’t Lies and other Bullshit……it  is not OUR problem… it is THEIRS.

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