Gun Control Stats

Gun Control Stats

Reviewing the above stats of the Top 10 Big Killers….we see  where Firearms rank “10th”.  
There is a formula to these mass shooting events….( which IMHO is Gov’t psy-opps ) and the end result is for the Gov’t to make claims for greater gun control, …..and cater to a kneejerk constituency that feels “more laws” will increase safety. In other words…they have been programmed to be that  “vocal  ill-informed useful idiots” .
What ACTUALLY happens is that sales of guns increase after such incidents. Why ?…because the citizens realize that Gov’t will sabre rattle about more gun laws, and these citizens see no evidence to trust Gov’t.
Of the Firearm homicides listed, I am curious how many are self – defence….ie the guns saved an innocent person?. Baseball Bats surpass guns as a homicide weapon.
Regardless of ones feeling about guns, one must read between the lines….this has nothing to do with public safety, but a Gov’t that plays both sides of the issue for fools.
Since Gov’t in Canada has enacted Gun Registration…the cost has risen astronomically, $2 Billion. ..yet I can’t recall more gun crimes as in recent years  ie Gangs,Gang wars and assassinations etc..   FYI, and this is probably the real agenda behind Gun Control….is that the police can engage in a  warrant – less search of your home once you have signed up. aka it is a Trojan Horse….you should look up at what powers they have once you , in essence sign up…you have effectively waived a number of rights.
Hi …..I am from Gov’t and am here to help you “….one of the best sarcastic jokes out there.


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