Connecticut Massacre: My E-mail to Charles Giuliani and his reply to me.

Connecticut Massacre: My E-mail to Charles Giuliani and his reply to me.


No, in fact, they haven’t, as yet, been allowed to see the bodies of their children.  Just look at this latest CNN interview with the parents of Grace McDonnell:
They were not allowed to see the body of their daughter.
Of course, I have to wonder if these parents are actors, since they show NO EMOTION whatsoever.
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To: truthhertzradio <>
Sent: Wed, Dec 19, 2012 1:25 pm
Subject: Question re Sandy Hook

Hi Charlie:
Seasons Greetings…Excellent shows !
Question re: Sandy Hook massacre.
You suspect closed casket service  ..but caskets ultimately empty.
How would this square up with the parents? ..wouldn’t they be the last ones to see their childrens  bodies IN the caskets, for psychological closure ….. even if the remainder of the funeral was closed casket ?
Best Regards
Listened to Charles Giuliani again today. Several topics….but he started with the Connecticut massacre .
The story reeks the more you dig into it.
He had stated that the bodies of the children were still in the school on Sunday …..48 hours after the massacre.   Apparently, the authorities have not allowed the parents in . Can you believe it ?
Without getting into too many grotesque details, one can imagine a dead body in a heated building will start to bloat and decompose, and look even more grotesque. Giuliani states he has never heard of such a delay…usual protocol is chalk outlines/ photos /evidence collection and body removal , say with several hours ?
He is very suspicious to the point he is claiming that many of the funerals will have closed and empty caskets, which is why I asked the question above. Was this one big staged event full of actors?
He is of the view that some of the children were actually kidnapped and an even worse fate awaits them.
Hard to keep track, but very VERY bizarre.
FYI: Here is the interview
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