Cultural Marxism: Publically – Funded indoctrination

Cultural Marxism: Publically – Funded indoctrination
Years ago, at University (ie late 1970’s ) ,there was an art exhibit put on by a Feminist group…for the Lesbian students.
I went and had a look….and long story short…it was very sexually graphic…much of it involving sculptures and other art images of vaginas and breasts. It looked very blatant and provocative in its detail as opposed to so more sensual and tasteful.
I thought WTF ? ……but being University, we are supposed to go with open minds and be open to new ideas etc….correct ?
Fast Forward to 2012: Our eldest is in 4th year University and home now for the Holidays. As noted in a previous post we were at our friends home this weekend, and people there in ages from 16 to almost 80.
We delved into discussions of Sex,  Religion and Politics. Now we love our children dearly, but I am increasingly concerned about the ” education system ” right up into University. We discussed  gay issues….and then our eldest started tearing into us like some sort of interrogator….asking us is we had any problems with it, like any discussion of it is homophobic. 
I was not so much concerned about the “gay” issue, but what really concerned me was the quasi – brainwashing  of our eldests’  kneejerk ” attack ” response, which is clearly groomed at University.
Such attitude was not  a product of their upbringing. My spouse and I do not share the same views on many subjective topics, but that is a sidebar issue. We raised our children in such a way as not to coddle them and not be overprotective, but to get them involved in many activities and see the REAL WORLD. aka a loooooong leash, but certainly not “NO LEASH”.
As I posted previously re Communism goals…their objectives are achieved by infiltration of key chokepoints of traditional society. Post Secondary ie Universities are crucial “moulders”….students are now in the adult world away for the ” toxic influences” of their upbringing. Now they are under the umbrella of free speech, the Good the Bad and the Ugly.
Now they are prime to be programmed by various people given a “pulpit ”  many of them paid ( Faculty ) or so – called ” Student Leaders “.
They tend to preach a gospel of subjectivity and relativity, and the students are supposed to look up to these as peers and/or role models.
I look back at the 1960’s and vividly recall the student protests and the societal transition.  The funny thing is, most of these students, products of this era , are now  probably the least communist, and the most self -indulgent generation. However, the seeds were sown back then to create a dysfunctional society.
We have allowed enough Trojan Horses through the door, over the line…it seems to be imbedded in the younger generations as the new norm. Perhaps the current agenda is to ” get them earlier and EARLIER “….that they weren’t as successful the first time around….so the tactics are to infiltrate all of society so the parents are irrelevant, if not outright demonized.
As I have stated directly or implied…..the Cultural Marxist goal is to weaken resistance and divide and conquer. aka Isolate people from each other and then weaken them individually. There is a saying that 3% of a given population is all that is needed to enact change from the status – quo.   If they can at minimum, force people to STFU….they can claim victory and move to the next levels. 
Interesting how their target seems to be to  get people to play with fire re: their primal desires and unleash them. They don’t really care about those the claim to stand up for….they are simply meat in the grinder, useful idiots..disposable puppetts.
History has shown the end result for ALL  of us is not the utopia they claim, more like “hell on earth”.
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