‘Tolerance And Apathy Are The Last Virtues Of A Dying Society’ – Aristotle

‘Tolerance And Apathy Are The Last Virtues Of A Dying  Society’ – Aristotle
Interesting quote:
What does it mean or imply?
Personally speaking I really don’t like the word “Tolerate”.
It is over-used in our Cultural Marxism based society.
It seems to imply ” STFU and grit your teeth or ELSE”  on various issues…like someone else is telling you how to think, what to accept under THEIR self – appointed rules.
“Tolerate/Tolerant” for me is perhaps at a social function and in an awkward situation but trying to be diplomatic for the   greater good.
In my 50+ years, I see tolerance as a social -engineering “ratchet”.  Things that society historically frowned on or were unacceptable are now mainstream? Why? It seems some…it always seems to be rooted in a few radicals… have grabbed the Bully Pulpit and preach “tolerance” continually and increasingly….and then put more issues on the table and crank the ratchet.
As a extreme example…lets say a group believes in Cannabilism.
Of course, it would be fair to say that it would turn 99.9 % of the population off at the start.   However, a Pro Cannibalism group would simply keep lobbying for it, and claiming it is a “personal lifestyle choice”. One of the group members may convince a dying person to allow the donation their body for a meal…..maybe under some recycling agenda. Then they either shoot a video….. or do a Shock Protest in public  or???.
People are disgusted and outraged…but then the Pro Cannibilism group gets some Mental Health expert ie Psychiatrist and maybe some anthropologist etc. to say it is “healthy , normal and historical”. Then more people come out and start to think that…. yeah maybe deep down they are Cannibals, or at least would like to try it.
Then the Useless(REDUNDANT) Politicians get “whipped” and begin to cater to the group in little steps…small allowances here…small allowances there…and society gest “whipped” by fear of being called bigotted, prejudiced aka INtolerant. Once one is accused or labelled of that….it seems to stick ….rightly or wrongly.
And on and on……till Cannibalism is taught in schools, served in restaurants…fund raisers…
Aristotle it appears, is simply warning that the culture you are from ,,,,the society you live,…. in is based on certain ethics ,principles  some moral code etc…. all written or unwritten. Perhaps he is also implying that there is a line in the sand, and that some things are very binary ie “Yes or No”…. ” Black or White “.
However, once we cross those lines, or allow more than ” 1-50 shades of Gray”, and ignore the lessons of history and simply “Tolerate ” , we have let in a Trojan Horse whose ultimate goal is to KILL our society, the Tolerant point perhaps is at or near the point of no return aka it is dying.
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