Re: The Chosenites video

Re: The Chosenites video

I see that YOUTUBE has removed it.

Not surprised but this censorship  gives me a platform to discuss this.

As I said, the TRUTH is not a Hate Crime. I don’t recall seeing anything being faked, it was either direct quotes or “picture is worth a thousand words” video.  Many of the video clips in the censored video are available on other YOUTUBE videos.

After seeing it, it should educate one on what this group and its beliefs are all about, which is racial supremacy to the rest of us.” We are all Palestinians” …what you see going on is what could easily be extrapolated to us at any time.

Regardless…… it is well known amongst parties that study and research  this issue that the Faux Chosen have very active intelligence networks and continually seek out anything that puts them in a bad light..aka especialy the TRUTH. Their tactic is to call it Hate Speech, that grey ambiguous term which is in conflict with what is FACTS and TRUTH. They will approach various internet mediums like YOUTUBE and harass them to take down videos that THEY don’t like which again often expose the truth.


Meanwhile, videos that outright mock and ridicule  other belief systems have been up on YOUTUBE for years.


However, there are often other sites that will host these videos. If I find one that shows The Chosenites…I’ll try to link to it.

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