Gender Wars: The Goal of Cultural Marxism/Social Engineering

Gender Wars: The Goal of Cultural Marxism/Social Engineering
We were out at our friends place yesterday, and had my spouses Mom along as well.
As the evening wore on..we did the No-No..we talked Sex, Politics and Religion.
We started talking about current Movies, and the latest James Bond movie.
Some started talking about what the  theme was and the ladies discussed how sexist James Bond is, bedding women when he isn’t out saving the world.
My son and I looked up and started snickering. He had seen the movie …and  I had read a review. Long story short, it appears that James Bond is now turning “Gay”, given the less- than subtle -references in the movie.
Then my spouses Mom said she felt the Gay movement was a response to Feminism.
In hindsight, not surprised. It fits the unfolding agenda.
NOTE: I will delve into this later.
For those that want a “short and quick idea”  of the agenda, and as was succinctly put it in an article I was reading, is to Feminize Men ……and Masculinize Women.
In my 50’s….I have the benefit of years of hindsight, and I think that is a bang – on summary…
I’ll leave that with you to reflect on that, and what it means to the future.
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