Real Estate: IMF Sounds The Alarm On The Hong Kong Housing Bubble ( PART 2 )

Real Estate: IMF Sounds The Alarm On The Hong Kong Housing Bubble ( PART 2 )
Trade in Hong Kong accelerated even further when Shenzhen, immediately north of Hong Kong, became a special economic zone of the PRC, and Hong Kong was established as the main source of foreign investment in China.[74] The manufacturing competitiveness gradually declined in Hong Kong due to the development of the manufacturing industry in southern China beginning in the early 1980s. By contrast, the service industry in Hong Kong experienced high rates of growth in the 1980s and 1990s after absorbing workers released from the manufacturing industry.[75]
So…how was the Master CHESS game to achieve One World Gov’t going to be played
You always take out the biggest threats, which are often the largest populations in the largest land base that have a long established culture…the good old “geo – political” angle.
NOTE:   As I stated in Part 1…… this may go back to the French Revolution. I will expand on this in a continuation of another series re: Rothschilds “King of the Jews”, but recall Rothschilds  bankers started in Germany but moved their key HQ operation to London, and they have used , and hidden behind, the British as their puppetts for centuries… they perceived Britain as the best “safe house” at the time.
Fast Forward…in the first half of the 20th Century, (2) of the worlds  largest countries , largest populations and established cultures ie “Russia” and “China” , …..were under Communist rule. China was under Communist rule after WW2…and just as the bogus “Cold War” was getting established.
Hmmm … what is going on here ?
A small chunk of China, ie Hong Kong….is allowed to be “hands off”……distinct…a major capitalist economy..right next to a Communist country.  WHY ?  Why didn’t Communist China…… under revolutionary Mao ……simply send in the army and take over Hong Kong ?
From what I am reading Mao, like about 99.99 % of the world’s political leaders… was simply a puppet of the Faux Chosen.  Hong Kong was simply a “base” set up as a launch point for  a far greater agenda.
We have to keep in mind that ANY geo -political area with “legal borders” can be used and moulded in any way ,shape, or form …… at the stroke of a pen by its governing body..and even moreso as a detached colony from the motherland.  aka it can be used as a base for any geo-political chess game .
In other words, you can set the geo-political CHESS game up to either drive the colony to literal and figurative 3rd world impoverishment …..or make it one of the highest concentrations of wealth, again, depending on the greater GLOBAL agenda.
( To be Continued )
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