Re: Protest at Warren Farrell lecture

Re: Protest at  Warren Farrell lecture

This was posted in the Comment section of my blog


I was the individual being verbally assaulted by the out-of-control woman at the end of the video. While the experience wasn’t too rough on me, given my personal and professional past in dealing with high stress situations, I can only imagine how painful that could have been for another man, without the benefit of my history.

I’ve seen the underbelly of humanity, so this sort of behaviour was hardly shocking to me. I’ve seen worse. But, for anyone who believes in the natural good of humankind, I’m sure that this would have been an overwhelming experience.

I’m glad it was I who was accosted and not someone else.

You can read my response to the incident at my blog:


Very well written, recommended reading.

I will make this witness/victim account a topic of an upcoming post.

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