Dissecting the 1960’s: WTF really happened……a Master Plan to enslave us ?

Dissecting the 1960’s:      WTF really happened……a Master Plan to enslave us ?


Keith Johnson’s Revolt of the Plebs Broadcast Dec 11, 2012

 Corruption of culture through use of media–Keith Johnson interviews Dr. E. Michael Jones of www.culturewars.com in discussing this and other relevant topics.


Excellent interview :
Dr. Jones views are very consistent with what I am realizing…the 1960’s was a massive Gov’t psy-opp, whose aim was to create a very weak and dysfunctional society, and moreso the younger generations.
The “Gov’t/s” and their masters  felt threatened , and as has been the historical norm … to infiltrate and ultimately co – opt  the threat into a tangential agenda .
Again the agenda is to give us a false sense of liberation…make us UNwitting prisoners to our base/primal urges….which weakens our resistance and creates the vital “divide and conquer” weapon. 
Sex …Drugs…. Rock and Roll…etc. etc..all the bait set for Cultural Marxism.
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