ECO Fascism ( Part 2 )

ECO Fascism ( Part 2 )

Feds Kill Drakes Bay Oyster Company Marin County, CA



Interesting video.

This is worse than your “average nightmare” re: Gov’t, but then again adds more support for my premise that these parties are simply “Marxist paycheque whores”,…..who lack anything remotely  resembling professionalism and ethics….dare I say empathy for the average person ? .

It is one thing for Gov’t to put the screws to someone based on some “law”,    “regulation” etc. that a higher level of elected whores has passed to facilitate various agendas, but when their  justification for said action  is based on lies, deceit ,fraud, JUNK SCIENCE,  …..they do NOT apologize, they actually dig their heels in deeper and will attack their target with even more ass – covering Bullsh*t.

However, again like the past post…more evidence  of this “hidden hand” with an AGENDA 21- like force people out of the rural areas, regardless of the impact to the victims  or the costs to the public see….. this is their job, nothing productive, simply soldiers to create  the new utopia.


PS: To refresh your memory here is another good video

Agenda 21 For Dummies

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