ECO Fascism ( Part 1 )

ECO Fascism ( Part 1 )

Geese, deer damage force Galeys to scale back farm

‘It just makes you want to cry,’ farmer says, after taking 12 hectares out of production

By Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist December 6, 2012

Rob Galey, left, and his dad, Ray, point out damage caused by deer and geese in their fields on Galey Farms. The Galeys said Wednesday they have to close leased fields in the the Interurban-Hastings area.

Rob Galey, left, and his dad, Ray, point out damage caused by deer and geese in their fields on Galey Farms. The Galeys said Wednesday they have to close leased fields in the the Interurban-Hastings area.

Photograph by: Adrian Lam, Times Colonist , Times Colonist

One of Greater Victoria’s major growers of fruit and vegetables is downsizing because crops are being destroyed by deer and geese.

“Galey Farms is retreating back to Blenkinsop. We’re pulling out the white flag,” said Rob Galey. “We are cancelling our leases along Interurban and Hastings Road.”

Galey leases about 20 properties and the withdrawal will take about 12 hectares out of production. It is unlikely other farmers will pick up leases as everyone is having the same problems, Galey said.

In recent years, Galey has given up other leases, resulting in his total farmland dropping to 60 hectares from 120. And he fears that unless something is done to radically reduce deer and goose populations, his whole farm will be gone in three or four years.

“I will be bankrupt and we will have lost another commercial farming family in Saanich. And once we are gone, we are gone forever,” Galey said.

“I am being robbed. If I was a doughnut shop or a coffee shop, the police would be all over it,” said Galey, who is heading to Vancouver this week to buy new raspberry canes after deer ate this year’s fruit as well as the stems that would have provided future crops.

There should be enough fruit and vegetables to supply farm-stall customers next year, but not enough for wholesalers, he said.

“Once the wholesale clients find a new supplier, how do you get them back? It just makes you want to cry.”

Galey and other farmers had hoped the Capital Regional District would find a solution before the next growing season, but now have lost faith that anything will happen to change the situation.

CRD staff report summarizes a citizens advisory committee’s recommendations, which range from bylaws allowing higher fences to a trap-and-kill program. The report will go to the CRD board this month before being sent to municipalities.

Deterrents must be tried before the regional district will ask the province to approve a cull or to change hunting regulations.

A few controversial proposals, such as hiring professional sharpshooters and reducing distance regulations for firearms and bows, have been scrapped.

The CRD has been working with farmers, the province and First Nations on a goose management strategy since 2010.

The strategy recommends habitat modification, hazing, egg addling (shaking eggs so they don’t hatch) and more efficient hunting or, possibly, a managed goose kill.

Galey does not want to kill deer and geese himself, but wants a regional strategy.

“I want someone to take responsibility for this and everyone says, ‘It’s not me,’ ” he said, adding deterrents have not worked. “We have tried fencing and we have tried deterrents with cougar and wolf urine.

“The mother deer are teaching their fawns to be domestic deer and steal and dig under fences,” he said.

The population has exploded and there are often 15 deer in one field, he said.

“The only predator that deer have in Saanich is the automobile.”

Despite what the “Go Green GAIA” cult says, or tries to imply, I don’t really see a major impact on wildlife populations. 
In fact the exact opposite. I see so much urban wildlife (racoons, coyotes,geese, ducks…) as well as these and other animals in the rural areas.   I don’t think their numbers  were ever seriously  threatened, IMHO they simply kept their distance, hence we didn’t see them , and this perception was there was a problem.
However, I think the wildlife is becoming  less shy, and more willing to mix amongst human beings.
Many larger animals are savvy enough to know where HUNTING is either restricted or illegal and make those areas their new habitats.
I am of the philosophical view that agriculture is a “man -made” imposition on what was once wildlifes more natural domain..but on the practical side,  yes, we need the land to produce food.
What this article suggest is a major conflict brewing .
Sorry , but to be very blunt the solution is a cull. Trapping won’t work as the problem is either moved elsewhere or often the animals find their way back.
Unfortunately what we are seeing here is part of that AGENDA 21 brainwashing, that Mankind  is the BAD problem= too f*cking bad for Man.
As the Farmer states, he is being  driven close to bankruptcy due to an explosion in wildlife is impacting his crops. Keep in mind, he is leasing land and appears to be one of the bigger farmers in the area….this is a huge point. Many farmers need large holdings to be viable, whether they lease or own. If he is leasing, likely the owners of these leased parcels are not farmers, or not farming any more. As the story states, other farmers are having the same problem, so in essence there is NO ONE to pick up the slack, and thus farming will die off.
However, the  Go Green GAIA cult member never think beyond this…they will simply say “You Can’t Shoot Bambi” ……and then go on whacko cultural marxism protests that intimidate the Public and the Gov’t into   the action of NO ACTION….
Then the farmer sees he has no support….and folds his tent..and while it is deemed “farmland” ends up going back to nature probably never to be farmed again.  Even more insidous, the owners that  lease out the land will not be eligible for Farm Status(lower property taxes), and will thus have HUGE property tax increases which many may not be able to afford….and may in fact have to turn over to the Gov’t via Tax Sale, as the Gov’t has first dibs..and may keep the land and turn into the Nature Reserve,….which is the AGENDA 21 goal..force people off the rural areas and force them into shithole prisons called URBAN Cities.
UPCOMING: A Youtube video of how F*cked up and Treacherous Gov’t can be when  ECO Fascists take over
( To Be Continued )
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