Courts , Judges and Justice. (Part 2)

Courts , Judges and Justice. (Part 2)

At the next hearing…there were (2) cases….(i) ours and (ii) a Drug Possession charge.

In addition..low and behold , we had a new Judge. We had suspected this, given “L’s” arguments may have been beyond the previous Judges expertise.

I had noted this Drug Case in an earlier post.  The accussed was approx. 25 years old. He was a bit of  a loner, and got caught up in the wrong crowd to gain some peer recognition. A Police bike squad had come across the accussed and 3 others in his car, parked outside a notorious Richmond pool hall. The police found quantities of Pot and enough to make a charge of distribution aka drug dealing. 

The accused  didn’t look like some hardened criminal….looked like your average young adult, actually maybe a bit on the nerdish side…His parents were also in the room

He had been charged almost a year ago, and this was his one and only offence.  There was a prosecutor and the defence attorney. I didn’t get the feeling that the Prosecutor was out for blood, but simply laid out some points of the case. The defence attorney was quite good, building up his defence , it was quite fascinating to watch as the spoke quite eloquently and professionally. He seemed to go from A to Z……covering all bases and what he thought was a fair punishment,  given his client had plead Guilty . This implied no jail time but conditional sentence probation etc. However, the judge chimed in that the law had changed and that the Federal Gov’t had minimum sentences of 6 months in Jail.

Boy, I think everyone in the room was quite shocked .

There was a short recess, then the case re-convened .

The defence lawyer went into issues of the accussed self – esteem problems….some mental health issues…but by and large he was employed working and had not repeated his offence ie getting his life together.

After his closing comments ,  the Judge then made his comments before passing sentence.

( To Be Continued )

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