Warren Farrell protest at the University of Toronto – Full version

Warren Farrell protest at the University of Toronto – Full version




This protest happened almost a month ago. Another good example of “Cultural Marxism”.

Reading a bit about Dr. Farrell, he appears to have undergone an interesting journey and subsequent epiphany.

FYI: Warren Farrell


It appears he jumped right in feet first into a new movement, only to realize what it actually was or what it was turning into and what the future consequences were.

So at the beginning we have a member of CUPE, a taxpayer -funded union…sanctioning and organizing a protest in a publically – owned building. Hmmm.

So, outside the room were the lecture was being held….they were not just protesting, they were physically blocking access to the room. One has to assume that Dr. Farrell had been allowed to lecture, and likely had to submit materials to show  what his lecture topic was.

However, the crowd either (i) knew every word of the lecture beforehand (UNlikely)…… or (ii) it had some preconceived notion.

As someone noted in the comment section… if the roles were reversed Men protesting a Women’s lecture…what would you think would happen ?..all hell would break loose.

Clearly the Women would win in either scenario and the Men would lose in either scenario.

Why is that ?

Again…Cultural Marxism. Divide ,Conquer and encourage revolution on issue ” X ” . It requires demonizing a perceived enemy…the enemy which THEY have defined is your oppressor…..thus revolt !. 

In this case, the “movement” has demonized men as “rapists in waiting”…..as opposed to say potential good husbands and loving fathers, etc. Or….Men are not equal to women…men are inferior ?

Now, I have watched this video several times….and I can’t say I have seen such sheer vitriolic hatred directed to strangers and the fact that young women are the main perpetrators is really off the charts. My guess is their average ages is under 25….and students, hence are supposed to have an open mind  …. right ?…..unless they were provocateurs brought into provoke this  .

In my previous post on the Communist agenda, it duly noted that student unrest and protest is a main goal.  However, via allowing “free speech”, this get infiltrated to a point that these Cultural Marxists define what is ” Free Speech ” …and what they don’t like is deemed ” Hate Speech”.

There is no such thing as debate, mostly yelling ,shouting, screaming, slander, physical intimidation like that Caucasian Female does to the Caucasian Male at the end. People feel so ambushed that they don’t know what hit them, and numbed and thus the Marxists win , when in fact they should have been evicted and possibly arrested .  I didn’t see any of the males who tried to attend make any threats , they had this WTF ?  look. I wonder what their views of women are now…..given that at  such a protest Marxists try to imply they represent a large base of support aka they speak for all women?. No one stood up  and said ” Hey…you do NOT speak for me”

However, from Kindergarten on, this is what they, the public system are effectively doing….setting young minds into a programming to readily absorb this ideology .  Thus that’s ” what they are teaching you in schools these days”.

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