Courts , Judges and Justice (Part 1)

Courts , Judges and Justice.(Part 1)

In about 10 days, I will be attending court to watch the system put the screws to an acquaintance of mine “J”. He is almost 80 years old….and married for over 50 years. He is up on some trumped up Bylaw Charges ie (4), but I think if they shot him he would not be in such misery. 

He has lived there on his acreage for over 40 years, but it appears the Police State is in full swing with some agenda .

Next week will be the 3rd hearing that I have attended.

The first one was kind of a circus, as the courts have sittings…usually 10:30 am and at 1:30 pm.

Several cases and issues can be scheduled at each sitting. At the first hearing I attended, people came in and out of doors all the time. One prisoner came from behind a steel door and entered a glass walled surround  .Another prisoner was viewed via video conference. ( This was interesting, as this prisoner seemed to have been victim of a bureaucratic screw up)  Another person was sentenced on some tax issue..

Now “J” had (2) lawyers on his case, but fired them , as he was not getting anywhere except a depleted bank account.

He had a good friend “L” who was a very bright gent and is very knowledgeable on many issues. He was in court to represent “J” as his agent…..or dare I say “L” act as his “lawyer”.

So when our turn came…the entire case focussed on whether “L” could act as “J”s agent / lawyer.

A lot of documents had been circulated as this hearing also acted as Discovery.  The Judge was rather surprised to see some documents missing, which the City of Richmond was supposed to provide….hmmm.

“L” was using the strategy of using the Canadian Constitution, which ,in essence protected the rights of the citizen from abuse by Gov’t. In other words “L” was shooting for the top….not getting into a legal quagmire.

The Judge that presided listened to the arguments, but I think it caught him off guard. He then stated that he would schedule another hearing to focus solely if “L” could act as “J”s legal counsel.

( To Be Continued )

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