B.C. woman fined for renting garden shed to homeless couple

B.C. woman fined for renting garden shed to homeless couple

Man, woman and pets living in tool shed in Kelowna, B.C. paid $200 a month

CBC News

Posted: Dec 7, 2012 7:23 PM PT

Last Updated: Dec 7, 2012 8:43 PM PT

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The shed was home to two people and three dogs.
The shed was home to two people and three dogs. (Stephen Fleming/City of Kelowna)

A B.C. woman has been fined $500 for renting out a garden shed to a homeless couple and their three dogs.

A power cord that ran from the woman’s house in Kelowna, B.C., supplied electricity to the small metal building, for which she was charging rent of $200 per month.

It’s not clear how long the people and pets had been living in the shed. Bylaw officers warned the owner two weeks ago it was not suitable accommodation, but the advice was ignored, said city spokesman Stephen Fleming.

Fleming described the small building as “a standard type of metal garden shed that you’d get at your local hardware store. It certainly doesn’t look like a place for people to be living in.”

Fleming said that with winter approaching and overnight temperatures dipping below freezing, the electrical cord would be a potential fire hazard and it’s been getting very cold.

“We didn’t want anything to happen to the occupants because of where they were living, because it was substandard,” he said.

Fleming said the homeowner could rent a room in her house to the couple or they could stay at a local shelter that has a place for animals.

A caseworker at Kelowna Gospel Mission said that the couple and their dogs are welcome at their shelter.

Calls from CBC News to the woman renting the shed were not returned.



Is this right or wrong ?

It all depends.

My view is WHO is the priority and what is the effect on others?. In tough times, is it best to turn a blind eye..live and let live?

Near our residence , is an “interesting” home. It is a duplex that was once owned by  (2) separate owners.

A landlord bought each half and commenced to rent it out. It appears that he is squeezing rent out of every sq. inch….ie added suites. 

What was even more interesting is a small detached shed that existed in the side yard. One day while driving by I noticed the distinct flickering of  TV screen. aka Somone was living in this small shed. This went on for years.

Recently I glanced over and saw the shed was gone. Then later, I noticed a fence had been built along the side yard.  Then even more recently I see a small RV trailer parked in the side yard, near where the shed once stood. Given the past circumstances, and the present situation, it is very obvious that this RV trailer will be used as accommodation and rented out.

Does this concern me ? No, IMHO it is none of my business, as long as they don’t bother me…..live and let live.

However, I am also noticing more and more of these types of situations in my travels,( I just have this eye for details like this ) with the probability  of more to come  as people get more desperate.

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