Spanish Next ? ( Part 12 )

Spanish Next ? ( Part 12 )

Before I go further…I want to point out  common traps in theses types of discussions. It called the Race Card..Racism, …..Sexism etc. etc.  Just so it is clear at this end…not even remotely the intent,  nor should it be implied nor interpreted in that context. WE are ALL in this together….

I have done a lot of reading on this overall issue…as well as listen to a lot of internet shows. They have the same main consensus added with a few quirks unique to their way of “editorial comment” . As a Caucasian , one such comment had struck a chord in me…and that is about Caucasians and their awareness levels and critical thinking. Caucasians as a group,  may be THE LAST to “get it ” or  “figure it out”…and I tend to agree. Our Asian,  South Asian, Black , Hispanic etc brothers and sisters may be far more wise to what is REALLY going on.

I think the Caucasians have had too many traitors and outright scumbags in their midst and have dumbed us down and left us primed for  a literal and figurative genocide via the cancer of Cultural Marxism that was not only not diagnosed in time, but encouraged.  I personally see it now….after 50 years it all fits together….. We have all  had to many whackos in our midst that have led us astray from any sort of identity, respect for roots and culture ….we are simply left as shrivelled leaves fallen from the tree and scattered .

However, to get to this point in time…were we not warned? ..or was their evidence all around us?

Of Course…Look what happened to THE largest nations on earth..Russia and Mainland China which were under Communism thumb within 30 years of each other in the first half of the 20th Century and tens of Millions of lives lost under the utopian siren call of “Communism”.

You have to destroy the fabric of the society  the culture and religion/s under false pretences…weaken any resistance and opposition , obliterate obstacles….then spring the trap ..too late .

Once established, Communism became an export and has continued unabated. Communism is not simply some oppressive dictator/s with an army behind them. It is far worse….Communism  IS a modern expression of an ancient religion..which I am quite confident you have already suspected.

 ( To be Continued )

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